Waiting For The Legend of Zelda Wii U? Here Are Some Amazing Zelda Series Facts/Easter Egg To Kill The Wait

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

The Legend of Zelda was first brought out back in 1986 and since then the video game series has spanned countless titles with the latest being released just last year. These video games often put Link into an epic adventure as he saves the world from cursed evil and saving the princess Zelda. Through the several video game titles and media offered from Nintendo, we wonder if you caught all these little facts and Easter eggs?

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Origin of The Legend of Zelda


The origin of popular video game series actually comes from Shigeru Miyamoto's childhood adventures. According to Miyamoto, creator of The Legend of Zelda, as a child without much media to keep his attention, he would wind up lost outside and discover several caverns and caves which later served as inspiration for creating The Legend of Zelda.

Dungeon Builder or Adventure Title


Before the story shaped up for The Legend of Zelda, Miyamoto first drafted a video game in which players were able to build their own dungeons and battle within them. The idea was later scrapped for a more adventurous title.

Ganondorf Loves Fishing


During Twilight Princess final battle with Ganondorf players can easily gain a few combo attacks on their opponent. Simply cast your fishing rod a few times to distract Ganondorf leaving him amused by the fishing line that you can toss in a few more good blows.



During the Link's Awakening, it's possible to slip past the shopkeeper on Koholint Island if you don't have the money to purchase a certain item. However, crime doesn't pay as you'll find that Link's name is changed to Thief and if you happen to walk back into that very same shop you'll find that the owner will be waiting for you with a massive laser beam spell that kills your character.

Shh It's A Secret


There is a phrase featured within the Zelda series. The common phrase you'll likely come across throughout the different Zelda titles is "It's a secret to everybody" not much of a secret anymore.

Majora's Mask Within Wind Waker


Within Wind Waker is a hidden Nintendo Gallery. Within this gallery you'll find several masks and the hood from Majora's Mask.

Chris Houlihan's Room


A secret room known as Chris Houlihan's room only accessible through the Pegasus Boots. The room is present in A Link to the Past and contains several rupees.

Zelda Fitzgerald


Miyamoto named Zelda after the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Totaka's Song


The composer for the Legend of Zelda, Totaka, has hidden his famous 19-note song in every game.

Bowser Broach

Malon along with her father Talon at Lon Lon Ranch both wear a broach that depicts Bowser, the famous antagonist from the Mario franchise.

Star Fox


Within Majora's Mask there are references of Star Fox through the different masks.

Great White Shark


Located at the bottom of the Ocarina of Time, players can locate a caged shark.

First-Person Mode


Miyamoto originally planned on making Ocarina of Time as a first-person style game.

Americans VS Legend of Zelda


At the time, Nintendo of America president Minoru Arakawa did not plan on bringing The Legend of Zelda to the United States. Arakawa felt that Americans would not have enough patience to truly understand the game.



Octorok along with Link, are the only characters to appear in every single Zelda game.

The Beatles


German version of Ocarina of Time features the carpenters names as John, Paul, George and Ringo after The Beatles.

Sword or Boomerang?


Early adaptations of The Legend of Zelda gave players the choice between using a sword or a boomerang.

Link's Voice


Charles Martinet (voice of Mario) told Miyamoto that he would love to voice Link. Miyamoto assured Martinet that Link would never have a voice.

Loftwings Origins


The Loftwings featured in Skyward Sword are actually modeled after a real African bird called the Shoebills.

Link's Design


Miyamoto admitted that he loved the Disney films especially Peter Pan. This is likely why Zelda holds a close resemblance of the character.

Past and Future


An original concept art for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past showed that the game originally was set both in the past and future.

Party System


A Link to the Past was planned to feature a party system. This would have allowed players to switch between three different characters.

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