Top 10 Fan Made Games/Remakes That Were Better Than Official Ones

GoldenEye Source

How often do we find that our beloved and most cherished video games never got a proper remake? There are countless video game titles that were and still are loved by gamers all over the world but have yet to be touched again by a development studio since that original video game development. Thanks to fans, a number of amazing video game titles received an overhaul remake.

Unfortunately, most fan remakes often get the cancelation from the original owners of the IP putting a stop to production and release. We went out looking for the best fan remakes that are completely done or currently in production that has yet to be taken down or completely removed.

Golden Eye Source

Take a look at the list down below and let us know in the comment section about any other fan remakes that the readers may find of interest.

GoldenEye Source: Original Title: 007 GoldenEye [Nintendo 64]

This shouldn't be much of a surprise, the Nintendo 64 original release of GoldenEye was a massive hit. Gamers crammed on the couch to take each other out in various 007 movie characters. The overhaul brings in all those beloved game modes and new added levels. Needless to say, you'll be spending countless hours playing GoldenEye just as you did when the original game released. Download it here.

Black Mesa, Original Title: Half-Life

We shouldn't have to explain just how big of a following, Valve has with the Half-Life series. Half-Life has received its very own remake or overhaul with Valve's latest Source Engine but fans were not completely satisfied. So when the announcement of a fan remake was in the works, gamers were more than welcomed to download the title upon release. The Black Mesa video game title is the re-envisioning of the original Half-Life video game with added dialogue, choreography, music and voice acting. Download it here.

King's Quest IX: Silver Lining, Original Title: King Quest Series

King's Quest may not be the biggest household name now for video games but back in the good old days, everyone knew about the series. A number of titles were released under the King's Quest franchise but over time, graphics and quality began to tamper off. Eventually after King's Quest 7 & 8 released, the series became a failure thus leading a fan group known as Phoenix Online Studios to create King's Quest IX. The video game took ten years to make and provided some fantastic graphics to the video game series. Sierra Online tried to send a cease-and-desist order out to the fan development studio but because King's Quest IX brought in a large amount of fans and the approval of Roberta Williams, King's Quest creator, Sierra Online decided to let the video game release non-commercially. Download it here.

Pokemon Generation 0, Original Title: Pokemon Series

Pokemon Generation Zero

There are so many Pokemon fan video games and remakes out on the internet and while we could make a list about Pokemon fan games in itself, we had to pick just one for the list. We're giving it to Pokemon Generation 0. What sets this video game different from others is that the game focuses on Professor Oak and his journey. According to the developer, Pokemon Generation 0 will be taking place around 35 years before the events of Pokemon Red & Blue. As a fan of the original generation of Pokemon and the show, I can't wait for this game to get released. Download it here.

Super Mario 64, Original Title: Super Mario 64

Everyone has played Super Mario 64 as it's become one of the most popular video game releases of all time receiving a 94 in Metacritic. Players take on the role of Mario as he faces off  Bowser, collects a number of stars in different worlds while attempting to save the Princess Peach. A video game remake is currently in the works and it already looks amazing. The development team promises to stay true to the original title but will be adding a few little features such as the multiplayer mode. Download it here.

Sonic Before & After The Sequel, Original Title: Sonic The Hedgehog Series

Fans of the Sega Genesis and more importantly Sonic The Hedgehog series will enjoy these two video games. Created by one developer and fan of the original Sonic series, comes Sonic Before the Sequel and Sonic After the Sequel. Both titles play out very similar to the original Sonic video games where players control Sonic and Tails as they collect rings, battle difficult bosses and stop Doctor Robotnik. Overall the plot for both games is to bridge the gap between original Sonic The Hedgehog through Sonic The Hedgehog 3. Download it here.

Super Smash Bros. Crusade, Original Title: Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers became a hit when it first released on the Nintendo 64. Gamers could have their favorite Nintendo character fight against one another in what would be the ultimate showdown. Over the years, Nintendo has released a number of installments to the Super Smash Brothers series along with fans remaking the video game and adding characters of their own. For instance, Super Smash Brothers Crusade takes the same gameplay from the original Nintendo release but in a 2D fashion. Additionally, the development has added characters of their own that are not owned by Nintendo like Crash Bandicoot. While the game may not be fully finished yet, there will be over 80 playable characters to choose from upon completion. Download it here.

Project AM2R, Original Title: Metroid 2

Project AM2R or otherwise known as Project Another Metroid 2 Remake, is the remake of the second Metroid video game. The fan development team is making an overhaul of Metroid 2 by adding new graphics and tweaking gameplay. According to the development page, Project AM2R will add the fast paced gameplay of Metroid: Zero Mission, offer the tone from Super Metroid along with tossing new unique gameplay mechanics. Demos have been offered for download as the final game is gearing towards completion. Download it here.

Streets of Rage Remake, Original Title: Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage is one of the most popular video game series from the Sega Genesis and with only three titles released, fans years later were still craving more. Eventually a fan video game studio known as Bomber Games decided to develop a Streets of Rage remake which was completed and released online. The game was downloaded thousands of times and gained a huge following before Sega forced the game to be taken down. Because the video game was so popular, the title still exists online in complete form. New characters are present to play the game along with new stages tossed in and even the ability to make your very own Streets of Rage video game under the game maker option. Unfortunately, you'll have to search around for the video game download yourself. Download it here.

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, Original Title: Super Mario World

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion plays out much like Super Mario World but with a slightly different twist. Instead of playing as Mario or Luigi, players have over ten different characters to choose from. These characters come from different video games like The Legend of Zelda or Mega Man series and each come with their very own unique abilities. Over time the game has received beta updates though it has slowly lost its pace. Luckily the video game had started to pick back up a bit more with a new iteration of the game release known as Super Mario Fusion Revival. Download it here.

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