Short Length and QTEs? Don't worry about The Order: 1886's gameplay until you don't play it

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 is one of the most anticipated titles in 2015, so the hype that is accompanying its release slated for February is natural, obvious for some extents. What is hard to understand is the amount of doubts that are emerging on the web, which don't reflect the supposed quality of the game or the reasons why it is highly anticipated.

There are, anyway, a few reasons why people are not trusting Sony and Ready at Dawn when they say that The Order: 1886 will be a masterpiece remembered in years.

The Order: 1886 Direct Feed PS4 Screenshot

The title, in fact, has not been able to convince gamers during its last exhibitions at E3 2014 and Gamescom 2014, even though its quality has been increasing month after month. Furthermore, Ready at Dawn, a studio that is at its first experience with a home console exclusive, had to change lots of the game's mechanics after many claims over inconsistency of the gameplay.

Aware of this, Sony has been pretty careful in showing up gameplay videos from The Order: 1886, officially justifying its behavior with the will to not spoil anything from a title which is exclusively single­player.

You are free to believe that or not, of course, but you should also notice that the game is not available yet and that some particular aspects of it – for example, QTEs – cannot be judged from a leaked video. How can you say that there are too many QTEs when you have seen only a scene off a 10+ hours' game or just a boss battle?

I think we should be very careful in taking considerations just looking at a gameplay video or reading articles that state the length of a video game, both if they are made from official communications or based on leaks. We all have our own, different playstyle and, on top of that, I say it is hard to believe that a game with 16 chapters like The Order: 1886 could be completed in 5 hours as someone leaked on the net.

I could even report some examples of games that don't shine for their length but have left something in my heart of a gamer. One title that comes to my mind is Too Human, an Xbox exclusive game that wasn't much appreciated by critics and most of the gamers, but had a great appeal on me, when I completed it at least twice. NeoGaf user SlasherJPC cites ICO, just to make another example, a game that could be completed in 4-5 hours and still left fond memories in gamers around the world.

So, does it really matter how many hours it takes to complete a game? Does it really matter what a couple of leakers expose before the launch of a title? Well, I don't think so: I believe, instead, it does matter what each of us think after getting a game and playing it enough to express an independent, respectful thought.

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