DirectX 12 and Xbox One: Dramatic Changes To The Graphics? Not Until We Will See It Running on High Spec PCs

DX12 On Xbox One

DirectX 12 is the talk of the town since their presentation, as Xbox fans are expecting a true graphics revolution that should change the fate of the console war, at least from a raw power point of view.

While Microsoft's Phil Spencer has already stated that we won't see any miracle but just an optimization of the resources available on Xbox One, Stardock's Brad Wardell keeps tweeting about his enthusiasm for the innovation granted by this new tool and giving fans technical material they can dream on.

DX12 On Xbox One

Playing the Star Swarm benchmark on a Xbox One ­like PC hardware, Wardell reported better performances thanks to the DirectX 12, as the frame­rates passed from 13fps (DirectX 11) to 39fps. He later added that, based on a PC with an unreleased GPU and an Intel Core i5, he obtained improvements from 13fps to 100fps. That is brilliant but we're still pretty far away from seeing anything similar on console, as "this is way beyond console stuff", using Wardell's own words.

In my opinion, the point is that we won't see dramatic changes to the Xbox One games in the short or mid term. It's going to be a long road before any developer can actually implement this technology on its titles and, probably, that will simply help them to get the best out of Microsoft's console. I don't think DirectX 12 will add anything else, I don't think we will see things that we have not seen yet in games like, for example, Ryse: Son of Rome.

There will be few optimizations such as 1080p granted on multiplatform titles, so no more Resolution gate, no more "better on PS4 while reading reports from experts like Digital Foundry and Anandtech.

This is apparently the reason why no one is speaking about DirectX 12 on Xbox One the way Wardell tweets about them on high­spec computers. The degree of improvement due to DX12 looks like it is going to be awesome for developers, just "good" for gamers. But nothing more, it seems.

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