Top 5 Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Exclusives That Sony And Microsoft Would Need To Make Multi-platform

Xbox One vs PS4

It is a common idea that exclusive games have a majority share among the factors that determine the success of a console. We are just at the beginning of the new generation of home platforms and not many first-party (or "second", as exclusive games from publishing partners are often defined) titles have already seen the light of the day. My opinion is that Xbox One has had a better launch line-up and still provides the best exclusives on the market, but I know, and Metacritics knows too, that many people don't agree. PlayStation 4 has had a great momentum since day one, and I still prefer it for multi-platform games, but not so many exclusives in its portfolio apart from plenty indies.

Xbox One vs PS4

What I am sure of is that both consoles have pros and cons at this moment. We could begin from their present and future line-up, where I found five games that could help PS4 and Xbox One if they were multi-platform games instead of exclusives. Here you have them.


Respawn Entertainment's first-person shooter has had a great start, falling short after just a few months. PlayStation 4 would have both needed it, since at this moment I don't see any good FPS coming from Sony and its partners, and helped the game "live" more than it did.

Michael Pachter says that Titanfall 2 will be just a temporary exclusive for Xbox One, arriving on PlayStation 4 in a matter of months. That would be a good solution for everyone involved: Microsoft would keep its priority on the game, Sony would gain a great shooter game, and Electronic Arts and Respawn would have way better sales.


Talking about shooters, Sony was never seemed too interested in cover-based third-person shooters, even though the genre has had a great success inspired by Gears of War. So, when Epic Games and Microsoft still had to reach an agreement about the property of the brand, many were hoping that the series could become multi-platform.

We know how it ended, anyway, with Microsoft buying for a good amount of dollars the IP and making it once again exclusive to its platforms. Sony has still to give an answer to the requests of his fans for a cover-based, adrenalinic, multiplayer third-person shooter, but we don't actually know if it will ever arrive.


Open world games represent a deep lacuna in Xbox's portfolio, as Crackdown has not yet debuted in the current generation and it has never been that much appreciated by gamers or consumers. It pretty much lacks charisma, while talking about gameplay, it is a decent title.

Sucker Punch's series, anyway, seems to be way ahead, more complete and matured. It has its own cons, of course, but over the years it has increasingly got better to provide answers to the feedback of fans. Second Son and First Light were a good starting point in the PlayStation 4 market, and we look forward to seeing more.


With Gran Turismo constantly accumulating gap, Forza Motorsport series has begun the true benchmark for racing games on consoles. While it isn't as hardcore as Assetto Corsa and the upcoming Project CARS, Turn 10 brand grants a huge level of realism, love for the details and definitely fun.

That's why Sony would benefit from having Forza Motorsport (and Forza Horizon…) on its platforms, and that's why, knowing that this won't ever happen, it should push to get Polyphony Digital faster in its development process and ultimately better in quality and scope.


Phil Spencer has repeatedly admitted that Xbox lacked an adventure like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, before reaching an exclusive agreement with Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics for Rise of the Tomb Raider. Rise of the Tomb Raider is the sequel of 2013's reboot, that had a great success among the reviewers and (more or less) commercially speaking. We know it will be a good game, a game that PS4 owners would deserve to play since day one, but… will it be enough to get Xbox One on par with PlayStation 4 and Uncharted?

I don't think so. At this moment, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the only adventure that looks a killer application, a game that will "sell consoles" and bring the series once again in the gaming history. That's why Microsoft should maybe make a call to Naughty Dog…

Do you have any other PS4 game you would bring to Xbox One, and vice versa? Let's discuss this in the comments section below.

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