Going Mobile And Introducing A New Console "NX": This Is How Nintendo Wants To Change The Gaming Industry


The gaming industry is changing fast, or we should say it is evolving, opening its doors to new kinds of players and concepts. For example, in the early 2000's we had no idea that casual gaming was going to happen and that Nintendo could have reached such a success introducing the much appreciated Wii. We didn't either know that smartphones and tablets would have become so important in our lives, invading every aspect of them, gaming included. Getting ready to that invasion, responding to the needs expressed by the new generations of gamers that were born and grew as teenagers that use those devices each and every hour of their days, well, that seems to be the new challenge Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have to face if they want to win the so called "console war".

Nintendo NX Platform

While Sony and Microsoft have both sent their messages, letting us understand that they care about the mobile world with PlayStation app and SmartGlass, even though they could do much better than that, Nintendo has been striving to give its answer basically because it wants to hold the strings regarding the IPs it owns. We are talking about Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid and many others, that make the strongest first-party lineup ever seen in gaming, so this reluctance is pretty understandable, or it has been so far.

The Kyoto giant has in fact announced a partnership with DeNA, a mobile company that it owns for 10%, that will help developing the first Nintendo concepts for the platform. We do not know, at this point, if Nintendo and DeNA will be developing together new games or just applications for smartphones and tablets but this looks a good beginning, and that's for sure. We do know instead that Satoru Iwata has stated he doesn't want ports from Nintendo 3DS and Wii U to mobile platforms – that looks great, too, as it shows up the will of crafting specific contents and not wasting any beloved intellectual property.

It's not over yet: Iwata announced that a new Nintendo console is in development, and that it is based on a "brand new concept" that will somehow involve mobile, too. More information will be shared next year, according to the CEO, even though we could have some clue already at E3 2015.

Our bet is that Nintendo will introduce a new OS that will be in common among its platforms. What we don't know is if they are ready to pull out  Wii U of the market, that has been so far something of a flop or not able to reproduce Wii success, or they want to keep it alive as part of the "family".

We can give two facts for sure. Nintendo is basically not changing its philosophy at all, pushing ideas and concepts more than raw power. 2016-2017 would be once again too late to catch up with the competitors, as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will have at that time an even greater installed base, so they are forced to innovate and to do it well, to do it the way consumers want and can understand – the exact opposite of Wii U. Furthermore, creating a console able to mix mobile, handheld and home gaming could harm Nintendo 3DS, the only thing the company has done well in the last couple of years. Is this the right path? Is Nintendo risking another flop as it did with the GamePad?

We cannot tell that now, but I can tell you that I hope Nintendo knows what it is doing: a new debacle could be the last one...What do you think of Nintendo's attempt to innovate at all costs when talking about home consoles and the late opening to the mobile gaming? Let us know in the comments section.

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