CoD Black Ops III: Everything You Need To Know About Multiplayer Specialist Characters, Special Ability And Special Weapons

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty Black Ops III was officially introduced yesterday by Activision and Treyarch via a complex trailer that unveiled multiple aspects of the game we will be playing from November 6. Looking at it and reading some of the previews that arrived on the Internet, we were able to track all the news regarding the eagerly awaited multiplayer modes, that will most probably determine the success or the failure of the third Black Ops game. What we have learnt first is that the multiplayer will be based on specialist characters, who will have two unique choices to pick, each one with a special weapon and a special ability. This system will add to the creation of custom classes and won't be replacement to those, so you will still manage to choose your guns, perks, attachments, lethals etc. if you want.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Specialist

With specialists, you will be able to pick one only special weapon or special ability for whichever character you choose to use before the match and can't pick both of them. You will be allowed to change your specialty once the match is over. Anyway, that special ability or special weapon will be available once you fully charge your core.

Here's what the core actually is. It works pretty similar to Titanfall's, because it replenishes constantly at a slow speed during the game, then gets faster if you get kills or accomplish your missions (for example, capture the flag). What's great in it is that once you die you don't lose anything, if you were at the half of the bar you will start right from there once you respawn. How fast the bar refills also depends on what you pick, if a special weapon or a special ability: for example, you will get Ruin's Gravity Spikes even three or four times a game if you're doing well, as we will see in the next few lines.

Remember that you can only pick one between special weapon or special ability before the match starts, and that you can change your choice only once the match is over. This is really important as it adds sort of strategy and value to your briefing session, mainly because you have to adapt to the maps you play in or the opponents you play against. Special weapons and special abilities, just to recap, are determined by each specialists. So far, we know four of them, and Activision and Treyarch haven't detailed other classes, if any.


Special weapon

Ruin's Gravity Spikes is basically a redesign of fists of havoc that the Titan uses in Destiny. You launch into the air whenever you use them and strike the ground with two spike-looking things in both hands. Once you hit the ground, a gravity wave will blow around you killing anyone in the area instantly. Of course, you can be killed in the air or when you're about to jump: in those cases, the special attack is cancelled.

Special ability

On the Internet it's been defined “lightweight on steroids”, because you become something like The Flash for three seconds, running at an insane speed. It's pretty good when you need to capture the flag.


Special weapon

It's an hand canno with six bullets that can kill from any range. They are already considering nerfing it because it's been used too much and it looks like it is unbalanced.

Special ability

This doubles your scorestreak points earned for 5-10 seconds. It is particularly useful if you're about to capture a point: activating it, you'll get like twice the amount of that for your scorestreak or if you know you're about to slay in a hard point area, you turn this on and go do your job.


Special weapon

Bow and bomb an arrow that carries the character away and once it hits the floow or wall or any objects, it explodes. What's best with this weapon is that it can carry more than one person once it is activated, killing both of them instantly.

Special ability

With this ability activated, you will manage to see through walls, one pulse like threat detections as seen in Advanced Warfare.

Code name Reaper (mercenary robot)

Special weapon

It's the scythe, a minigun death machine that your arm transforms into. It lasts until your core runs out of energy or your bullets do.

Special ability

Glitch: it teleports you a couple seconds back in time, so you can check what's going on in a room and if it is too crowded or dangerous, you can get back where you've been before and save a life… yours.

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