Kojima Has Hidden A Clue About Him Leaving Konami And Silent Hills In The P.T. Demo, says "I Was Dying Of Boredom"

Silent Hills

Silent Hills' mystery is not ending with its cancelation. A phone message you can hear right before the short trailer for Silent Hills is shown at the end of P.T. and, even if until some weeks ago it didn't look like it had a particular meaning, now it seems like it has hidden a clue for Kojima's leaving from Konami and the next Silent Hill project.

Silent Hills

This is the message:

"Dad was such a drag. Every day he'd eat the same kind of food, dress the same, sit in front of the same kind of games… Yeah, he was just that kind of guy. But then one day, he goes and kills us all! He couldn't even be original about the way he did it. I'm not complaining… I was dying of boredom anyway, But guess what? I will be coming back, and I'm bringing my new toys with me."

Analyzing the message, you can make some easy link to the current difficult situation at Konami and Kojima Productions (now known as Unit 8, rumors say). "Dad" could be identified with
Konami and even with CEO Satoshi Sakamoto, who is rumored to hate Hideo Kojima and therefore disrupting all of his projects in the Japanese company.

The message depicts him as a man who "eat the same kind of food, dress the same, sit in front of the same kind of games", and that could mean he is always asking for some more Metal Gear-related stuff and not willing to let Kojima express his creativity as he would want.

"But then one day" this doesn't seem to be enough for "dad", so "he goes and kills us all!", and this could mean Sakamoto shuttered Kojima Productions way before we knew that when P.T. was in the making and Silent Hills still alive as a project. Consider that P.T. was released during Gamescom 2014, in August 2014, and first rumors about Kojima leaving Konami appeared on the Internet only in March 2015. The message there is complete with a description of that ‘killing', that is, according to Kojima, not "original": another criticism that describes the harsh relationship between Kojima and Konami's CEO.

Hideo Kojima doesn't look desperate about his leaving from Konami, anyway. "I'm not complaining… I was dying of boredom anyway". This part of the message explains how Kojima was bored and even annoyed by being forced to always and exclusively work on the Metal Gear saga, even though at the time Konami gave him the role of director on Silent Hills (but why, if they were already convinced about firing him?).

The final section of the message, anyway, looks reassuring about Kojima's future, if it is to be believed there's a connection between the two things. "I will be coming back, and I'm bringing my new toys with me". The game director will be back with another publisher and company supporting his vision about video games, and that's for sure. We don't know if he already has an agreement with someone else, but my bet is on Sony.

Anyway, at this point we can't say what he could mean by saying "I'm bringing my new toys with me". Kojima could be talking about his vision and ideas for Silent Hills, so in the next years he could work on a survival horror game based on the P.T. concept with a new publisher (and Norman Reedus, and Guillermo del Toro). Or he was just discussing his know-how and technical skills: don't forget he has worked for years on the FOX Engine, which is now a sole property of Konami.

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