PlayStation Plus Free Games Collection Lacks Variety and Quality: Here's How Sony Is Harming Gaming Industry

PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Gamers keep claiming Instant Game Collection isn't up to their expectations and to what they are investing in the PlayStation Plus service. In particular, most players state Sony isn't offering any variety during the months IGC has been available on PlayStation 4. Is that a right claim or people want more than what they “deserve” based on the amount they spend? Let's take a look at the games that are now entering the Instant Game Collection and at those who are leaving it.

PS PlayStation Free Games

Entering PS Plus:

  • 6th May: Ether One (PS4)
  • 6th May: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (PS4)
  • 6th May: The Unfinished Swan (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)
  • 6th May: Race the Sun (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)
  • 6th May: Murasaki Baby (PS Vita)
  • 6th May: Hohokum (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

Leaving PS Plus:

  • 6th May: Tower of Guns
  • 6th May: Never Alone
  • 6th May: Dishonored
  • 6th May: Aaru's Awakening
  • 6th May: Killzone Mercenary
  • 6th May: MonsterBag

Looking at the games entering PlayStation Plus this month, it is clear that Sony has been betting on platformers and puzzle games to meet people's tastes. Is this right? We went on Reddit to understand if gamers are enjoying this kind of offer by the platform holder, and discovered that the answer to that question often is negative.

"I'm getting bored with quirky platform puzzlers. I feel like roque-like(lite?) are going to be coming en force soon and I'm done with those too. I don't much care if it's AAA or indie, I just want more variety”, says redditor Mokajige, for example.

"How many fighting games have been included in the last year? How many racing games? How many RPGs? How many sports games? How many point-and-clicks?

Now, answer these questions: How many quirky platform puzzlers? How many roguelikes? What's the ratio of these types of games to all other types? We both know the answer."

This comment is pretty indicative for a series of reasons. With PlayStation 4, Sony has been investing very much (or way too much, it depends on tastes) on indie games rather than AAA titles, that indeed are coming out at a very slow pace. While it has replenished PS4 portfolio for a while, this choice led the console to have many games belonging to the same genre, which is the platformer, because historically indie developers work on 2D mechanics and often prefer platformers since those are easier to program.

This kind of comments expresses how gamers' tastes are gradually evolving and how their expectations with the PlayStation Plus will be increasingly bigger over the years. A few months
ago, people argued they wanted more AAA games on the Instant Game Collection. As Sony doesn't want to already “waste” its first-party portfolio offering it free on PlayStation Plus, it is filling Instant Game Collection with indie games (“Humble Bundle quality”, many say), so players are right when they say it is hard to see titles' variety on the premium game-delivery service.

Now, they are saying they can accept indie games instead of them, but at least they want those games to be different enough each from another. There's a huge difference between those two requests: the first seems like one of those complaints from Internet users that actually don't play games and just discuss them for the complaint's sake; the second is relevant and enters into the merits of each games deserving or not to be played by subscribers.

Sony should start to care about it because acting this way it is harming the entire gaming industry. Did you see this month's Games with Gold for Xbox? That offer (Pool Nation FX and CastlesStorm Definitive Edition on Xbox One; Mafia II and F1 2013 on Xbox 360) responds to a fall in quality of PlayStation Plus' Instant Game Collection: if my competitor isn't performing, I can be too. That's how Microsoft seems to have worked on this. Competition is the base for every market to rise, and I honestly hope both the platform holders will do much better in June.

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