These Are 7 Best Exotic Weapons In Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny: The Taken King Best Exotic Weapon

Destiny: The Taken King introduces many new Exotics, both Armor and Weapons, for the players to collect. The new Raid, King's Fall, launches tomorrow September 18 and you won't want to let you find without the proper gear… so here is a list of the best Exotic Weapons in The Taken King.

Destiny: The Taken King Best Exotic Weapon

Bold Caster/Raze-Lighter/Dark-Drinker

Swords are really useful when it comes to eliminate hordes of Taken, Hive, Fallen and Vex Cabal enemies with overshields. So why don't you grab some of them and put it on your back? Just for your safety… these are the best you will find in The Taken King so far.



Hereafter is an Arc Sniper really similar to Black Hammer in stats. It has slightly faster rate of fire but slightly less impact. These are the main primary perks:

  • The Hereafter: Crouching increases scope zoom and makes it easier to aim under fire.
  • Blinding Light: Precision kills with this weapon have the chance to cause a bright flash that can blind nearby enemies.
  • Perfectionist: Magazine is refunded if all hits are precision kills



Telesto is an exotic fusion rifle, which as all the other fusion rifles out there deals with a few issues (charge rates, stability, handling…) but provides you a great firepower and, if you can properly work with it, it can really provide you lots of satisfying moments.

Once you charge, it is capable of attaching void clusters to enemies and walls. These clusters explode, dealing massive damage to your target and anything around them: land a multikill and you will get many Orbs of Light falling from your victims.


Ace of Spades

Being really similar to Fatebringer, Ace of Spades is a must have for those who love playing as a Hunter. The Firefly perk makes enemies explode on precision kills, damaging other enemies, and the Maverick perk means for every precision kill you get, you are gaining one additional bullet to continue firing.


Fabian Strategy

Fabian Strategy is an auto rifle coming with a few interesting perks. The Front Lines perk increases the weapon's usefulness (rate of fire, stability, handling) when surrounded; Life Support perk gives you a chance to heal your guardian if you get a kill while your health is in the red.


The Chaperone

The Chaperone is a shotgun really useful in tight situations. This shotgun in particular is more about leading your enemies to an untimely demise with its surprisingly accurate (and very powerful) slug rounds. Its Roadborn and Survivor perks up the ante with each successive kill.


Boolean Gemini

This is a scout rifle with solid stats and a few perks like Unflinching and Perfect Balance, and unique ones such as One Way, which increases agility for precision kills, and Or Anoter, that increase armor for precision kills. It's interesting to note that Boolean Gemini was also known as 347 Vesta Dynasty, supposed to have been released with The House of Wolves DLC.


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