Metal Gear Online Looks Groundbreaking: Here's All You Need To Know About Classes, Maps And Modes

Metal Gear Online

With Metal Gear Online releasing on October 6, free for everyone who own a PS4 or Xbox One copy of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, it is interesting to finally understand what's in the box in terms of classes, maps and modes. The latest official gameplay video from Tokyo Game Show 2015 allows us to discover all these details, and more: you can see the video below in case you missed it, in the meantime we'll go for an in-depth analysis.

Metal Gear Online

First of all, the avatar. You will finally be able to use the character you created at the beginning of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, something you might have thought was useless – and indeed it was useless so far – and will come to life from this October. Alternatively, if you don't like that avatar, you can create a new one with the same powerful editor. Now let's take a look at the classes.


Infiltrator's pretty good when it comes to close combats and stealth action, thanks to the very lethal camo he carries on through his mighty online adventures. Being stealthy grants a few benefits, such as the chance to interrogate enemies and find out their comrades' exact locations on the battlefield. Of course you can also sneak out from a cover and beat enemies before they even acknowledge you're among them, and around minute 2:30 you can see a good example of how that kind of action should be conducted.



The Scout is the most balanced class in the game, as it is effective in both combats and support from the medium and large distance. Among its skills, I found out a very interesting one regarding the support: the Scout can basically discover camoed people's position on the battlefield, both informing his comrades or eliminating the target on his own. Another skill the Scout can brag of is spotting enemies from the distance and quick mark them for his allies: really, really useful is such big and open multiplayer maps.



Finally, the Enforcer is the class for those who love to go on the battlefield heavy equipped and powerful in close combats with all the kinds of enemies. The Enforce can get right in the core of the battle, defeating enemies with not only rifles but also using the RPG and grenades stuff the latest Metal Gear Solid is filled with. Greater stamina is the only "natural" skill I would attribute to this guy: sure enough, this is the most accessible class in the game and it represents a different approach to it, but I'm not sure people who learnt more than the basics during the main campaign will settle with a bullet rain.

Now let's take a look at the modes, called "Missions". Unfortunately, just one type of missions was showcased as of today, the Bounty Hunter, based on the Gray Rampart map we'll check in the following lines. Anyway, in the official gameplay video released in occasion of TGS 2015 we have also seen two other kinds dubbed "Cloak and Dagger" (map: Jade Forest) and "Comm Control" (map: Red Fortress).



Bounty Hunter is the closest thing to your classic team deathmatch stuff you will find in Metal Gear Online. Of course, it has its own twists that put the mode in a strict relation with the Metal Gear universe. The main target is to eliminate all the enemies that build up the opponent team, but you can also choose to fulton them and bring all the bounties taken from the fultoned one to your squad: this can reverse the sorts of a match really fast, as you can see in the video.

The buddy system we appreciated in the game has also been introduced in Bounty Hunter. Saluting a comrade, you will be linked to him throughout the match, seeing everything he does on the screen (and on the map) just as if you had him marked with your binocular. These links can be changed at any time during the match.



Regarding unique characters, Konami confirmed Ocelot and Snake himself will be playable in Metal Gear Online. Both of them will have their peculiarities ported from the single-player to the multiplayer side of the game: Ocelot will carry his iconic revolers, while Snake will reach the battlefield with his new bionic and customizable arm.


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