Top 5 Announcements We Expect To Happen At Sony's Paris Games Week 2015 Event

PlayStation Paris Games Week 2015

With Paris Games Week just a few days ahead, it is time for us to discuss which are the announcements we expect to come from the event and particularly from the Sony press conference. As you might recall, Sony has not participated to Gamescom with its usual press briefing, skipping the Germany event because it was said to be too close to E3 this year. So a lot of announcements are coming from the PGW briefing on October 27, and we want you to arrive ready at that date with a series of PlayStation 4 premieres and topics we expect to be treated throughout the French video games showcase.

PlayStation Paris Games Week 2015


It's not a secret anymore: Quantic Dream is working on a current gen title which will be coming next year for PS4. This has been long anticipated and mostly confirmed by Shu Yoshida at EGX, so there's really no doubt about it anymore. Of course, what it might be is still a secret and we don't know if it will be a more realistic game in comparison with Beyond: Two Souls (maybe something noiry like the first half of Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy) or it will still include Hollywood stars at the same popularity level as Ellen Page and William Dafoe. The Dark Sorcerer demo is still alive in our memory but it seems highly unlikely to see a fantasy title coming from the Paris developer, or at least it would be huge twist.


Talking about dreams, there's this Media Molecule's title which was announced at E3 2015 we still don't really understand what is all about. Dreams is said to be a game based on creating experiences of various kinds, instead of being a “simple” level creator like LittleBigPlanet. We know these British guys are really talented, so we are eager to learn something more about their next project. We're almost sure they will show up at the conference as they are among the most important European developers.


We don't know exactly if we really expect this announcement to happen at Paris Games Week, by the way it is not totally unlikely just because we are in Europe and European gamers love Gran Turismo and racing games in general. Gran Turismo 6 was announced in May 2013 during a special event held at Silverstone, Great Britain, so it would really make sense to have it introduced for the first time in Paris. By the way, we wouldn't hold our breath for some in-game trailer or whatever, as usual Polyphony Digital style is to let people see a CGI video before blowing all the info out in the following months.

Gran Turismo 7


Michel Ancel's one of the veterans getting back to the Paris Games Week, and he's also among the developers who contributed most to create this event. So it's really unlikely he won't show up with his newly founded indie Wild Sheep Studios company. The game would be, of couse, WiLD, which was announced in the first place at Gamescom 2014 right during PlayStation Media Briefing. WiLD allows you to control animals in… well, wild sandbox-like locations, although there's no specific detail about that. This is why we expect Ancel (who won't talk about Beyond Good & Evil 2, sorry) to showcase new gameplay and discuss the launch window more precisely, too.


Of course, Naughty Dog and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will be part of the show, and we expect them to come up with a new good gameplay video from the solo campaign and the multiplayer beta played on stage. In our opinion, it is also going to be available throughout the event on the show floor in some fashion, as it's releasing this December for those who own a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Unless the team is late again, we don't think something could go wrong about this.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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