15 Best PS4 Games Releasing In First Half Of 2016

PS4 Games Releasing In First Half Of 2016

PlayStation 4 hasn't had a great year when it comes to exclusives in 2015, although third party games have been great so far for both Sony console and Xbox One. Next year it is going to be different, as a lot of PlayStation exclusive games will be releasing in the first half (January – June), and many other multiplatform titles will be coming from third parties. Let's take a look at the best 2016 games releasing in the first half of the year, then, those you shouldn't miss for any reason at all if you own a PlayStation 4.

PS4 Games Releasing In First Half Of 2016


Releasing on January 19, Resident Evil Zero HD is the latest remaster regarding long running Capcom series based on zombies and Umbrella thirst for power. With new graphics and controls similar to Resident Evil HD recently released remaster, it's surely going to be a masterpiece for those who loved the original.


A legend returns. Based on Reflections and Psygnosis IP, a re-imagined version of Shadow of the Beast was revealed at Gamescom 2013, developed by Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs and will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It's releasing on January 26.


From the creative mind of Jonathan Blow, the game designer behind Braid, a new puzzle game experience comes to PlayStation 4 on January 26. It's going to be mind blowing and a real challenge for those who love tough and thoughtful games.


If you love Digimon, you can't miss it. According to many external observers, this is the best game in the series and one people who follow the franchise since its inception won't want to miss. It's out on February 2 for PlayStation 4.


Unveiled at Tokyo Game Show 2015, Gravity Rush Remastered is bringing one of the most beloved PlayStation Vita titles onto PlayStation 4, taking advantage of new graphics move by the current-gen hardware of Sony's home console. It's out on February 9, it's one of the most interesting releases in the first half of 2016, especially for those who want a recap waiting for the second chapter.


Coming from the creative minds behind Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, Firewatch is a first person adventure game developed by Campo Santo for PlayStation 4. It's releasing also on PC, and it follows the story of a volunteer fire lookout officer in the aftermath of the Yellowstone fires of 1988. Out on February 9, this is going to be amazing.


Fighting game lovers are going to love this: Street Fighter V comes as a console exclusive on PlayStation 4 and, as recently announced at Paris Games Week 2015, is releasing on February 16. For the first time ever, the game will allow you to have all the additional fighters for free just by playing and gaining the in-game currency called Fight Money.


Eidos Montreal is coming back with another Deus Ex experience, after the reboot Human Revolution which has brought the series back to the gaming world's attention a couple of years ago. It is impossible not to point this date on our calendars: February 23.


Almost stealthy announced a few weeks ago, Far Cry Primal is already releasing on February 23, doing some time travel back to the age of mammoths and glacial eras with the Far Cry series. We don't know if it will come equipped with the usual amount of crazy villains, but sure enough this will be a digital experience worth to be lived on PS4.


Coming from the creators of Resogun, here we are with this new 4 player co-op action game. Alienation is releasing exclusively for PlayStation 4 on March 2: Housemarque's involvement in this project is all you need to know if you own a PS4.


Long awaited shooter MMO coming from Ubisoft, Tom Clancy's The Division is finally almost ready and will be among the most played titles on PlayStation 4 next year. The beta will release in December on Xbox One first, but this doesn't mean you can enjoy it on PS4, too!


It was supposed to launch as a digital and on-going experience, but Hitman won't come back until March 11. IO Interactive will make us “enter a world of assassination”, where we will have to face missions in huge locations to find and execute assassionations based on Agent 47's high skills.


Here we come with the biggest PlayStation 4 exclusive to date, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. While a multiplayer beta will launch this December running at 60fps, the game won't be available before March 18 and will include a completely new, dark tone to the series of Nathan Drake. This is the last adventure of our friend Nate, so you won't want to miss it next year.


From Software and series' creator Miyazaki are back to Dark Souls, after a few years spent developing PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. The game won't be out before March 24, so you still have a little time to prepare to die all over again.


Platform/puzzle game from a Scandinavian software house, with Electronic Arts publishing, Unravel is one of the titles which fired up E3 and Gamescom 2015. It plays and looks fantasting, with Yarny (the protagonist) already become an iconic character in the gaming landscape.

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