Three GPUs To Play Fallout 4 On PC Better Than You Would On PS4 And Xbox One

Fallout 4 PC Performance vs Xbox One vs PS4

With Fallout 4 out for three days, and the embargo on reviews and technical analysis already lifted off, we have witnessed a lot of discussions where PC players were simply stating their version is not only the best (which is pretty sure at this point) but also the less expensive. This is why $3-400 hardware such as Xbox One and PS4 still runs the game with some frame rate and even stuttering issues, although being relatively new (both consoles have been around for a couple of years now), while the PC version has not similar issues apart from a few more bugs.

Fallout 4 PC Performance vs Xbox One vs PS4

What's interesting is that the PC version has been much more polished in terms of optimization, as it seems that budget machines can handle the game better than PS4 and Xbox One currently do. You have three different choices when it comes to graphics cards depending on how many dollars you want to invest on this game and on a performing computer.

1) $130 – At this cost you can have a GTX 750 TI or a R7 370 with 2B of VRAM. With them equipped on your computer, you can run Fallout 4 with the ultra-level texture preset, and other visual settings exceeding the console versions of the game. Drop shadow quality and shadow distance to medium, lighting to high, and you will get a frame rate never getting lower than 30fps and an average of 41.6fps with the resolution of 1080p.

2) $300+ - At this price you should be able to grab a GTX 970, with average fps 59.6 at 1080p and 53.2 at 1440p, and all the settings pushed to Ultra. This really means maxing the game out and ultimately it's something you would really fall in love: a much better experience on the graphics side in comparison with consoles, and yet it comes at a higher and more solid frame rate.

3) If you want the ultimate PC gaming experience, you know you are going to deal with 4K resolution and nowadays it still is pretty expensive. In case you really want to be at the top of PC gaming, you are going to need a GTX 980 Ti or a R9 Fury X, both staying at an average fps of about 45-47 and a lowest of 34-35 with this resolution.

CPU Talking about CPUs, it is highly recommended to use Intel quad-core processors or better in order to get a 60 fps gaming experience. Otherwise, if you want to play at the same frame rate of console versions, with a better chance of not encountering dips as frequent as on PS4 and Xbox One, you can proceed with an Intel i3 processor or even lower depending on the rest of your PC specifics.

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