Xbox One Deserves Much More Respect Even Though Verdict Is "XB1 Can't Be A Better Console Than PS4"

Xbox One vs PS4: 8th Gen Console War Won By Sony

In gaming and in the modern mass market, it's challenging if not impossible to make people change their mind about a product - if it launches in a bad condition or underperformes in comparison with consumers' expectations, it will be really tough for it to convince them it has managed to change and become a better thing. During this generation of consoles, something like this has happened for DriveClub, which has launched in a very bad shape and wasn't even working due to server issues, and now it is really, really better than it was before thanks to a huge and user-oriented post release support. But that was not enough, many, if not every guy on the Internet still believes the game sucks.

Xbox One vs PS4: Sony Wins Eight Gen Console War

Something like this has happened for Diablo III. Do you remember? It started like a mess, with people not able to connect to the servers - and it was an always online title - and the Internet burning in the flames of haters and angry people who saw the invested money completely wasted for a long period of time. The game has managed to get out of that hell and, while it is still criticized for a range of reasons, it works as it should have done from the beginning now.

By the way, the biggest u-turn in this generation and perhaps in the history of gaming is about Xbox One, and Microsoft still struggles to get out of the hate raised from a disastrous launch phase. After two years, it is still working hard to clean the console's public image, using every tool it has (and those are many), without getting many results.

PlayStation 4 is still the best selling platform by far and is most probably about to win the current gen console war. So it is clear that Microsoft is not willing to clean Xbox One's public image just to try and win the console war, which as said is a mission impossible nowadays, but it's trying to get the most out of this generation and sell the biggest number of units possible before embarking on a new project.

Anyway, it is very sad for us to see how Microsoft's efforts are not getting big results. They are investing a lot in both new AAA intellectual properties (Quantum Break and ReCore, for example) and games brought exclusively on the Xbox platform. 2015 was a much better year for Xbox One, in terms of playable titles, than it was for PlayStation 4.

This, together with good bundles offered at great prices, doesn't look to be enough and incidentally has lead to a lot of frustration coming from early adopters on the Internet. It's like a circle which is not leading to anything, because on one hand we have Microsoft not receiving the appreciation they wanted; on the other hand we have people not understanding why the world appears to be so hostile to Xbox One, and look more at the things others say about their beloved console rather than play their exclusive games.

It's a position they weren't used to stay in, mainly because they joined the Xbox brand during the 360 era which was really successful for Microsoft, while those (like me) who are "in" since the original Xbox days don't care a lot about what's happening today or are even happy to see the Xbox brand becoming once again less mass audience oriented.

Finally, is the Xbox One a better console than PlayStation 4? It surely has had a better 2015 than Sony platforms, but that doesn't change the fact PS4 has had a better start and the start is what leaves the true mark on people's minds.

We don't know how long this generation is going to be and chances it lasts enough for Xbox One to get back enough market shares to win the gen are very few. Hopefully it will be long enough to see people having a more mature approach to gaming and to the industry, and focusing on the efforts Microsoft is truly making today.

Sony was good at selling its console from the very beginning and is still great in focusing on gamers, but it will have to start focusing on games, too, and it's going to be the biggest challenge for next year.

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