5 Best PlayStation Plus Free PS4 Games In 2015

PlayStation Plus Free PS4 Games Of 2015

It had to be the year of PlayStation 4 being the top platform among those supported by the Instant Game Collection, instead 2015 was just one more year of indie games coming to Sony current gen platform, although without any additional costs for those who own a PlayStation Plus subscription. Triple-A retail titles been delivered through the service are really few but this doesn't mean those games coming from it are bad or don't deserved to be played, especially considering that you are not paying anything more than your regular PS Plus monthly fee.

Best PlayStation Plus PS4 Games Of 2015

In terms of quantity, Sony has worked pretty well, offering a lot of games, mainly good, for all of its PlayStation consoles, which include PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. PlayStation 3 has won the year without any doubt when it comes to the best titles offered by PlayStation Plus, thanks to a very good selection of old gen games like Mass Effect 2 or Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (the latter is among those issued in December).

What if we discuss quality? We tried to see which games have literally been the best among those offered this year on PlayStation Plus and this is our top 5. Of course we have left something behind, since 5 is a very strict number to deal with, but we think it will suit our own idea of “best”, like something that has really to be the top of the tops or you can't renounce to it. Let's see if you agree in the comments below.


Psyonix has a lot of experience when it comes to cars hitting a ball, but it wasn't a given at all the fact that Rocket League would have been as successful as it currently is. The title was even awarded the best sports game and the best indie game in 2015 at the recent The Game Awards ceremony, and there are more than 8 million people playing it across all the platforms (PC and PS4) where it is available.

An Xbox One version is coming early next year so that number will get even bigger very soon, for a game which has been developed using a budget of just $2 million, generating as of December 18 almost $50 million. PlayStation Plus gave the game a great chance for visibility, and Rocket League definitely offered a great value to those who were waiting for something worthy to be delivered by the premium service.


While it is not a game that will be remembered for the years to come, Injustice: Gods Among Us deserves to stay in our top 5 simply because it is the only PlayStation 4 triple-A retail game which was able to reach the PlayStation Plus offer. Of course we're not counting Infamous: First Light and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, those are expansions to already existing or upcoming games.

Coming from the talented team behind the Mortal Kombat series, NetherRealm Studios, Injustice was a mesh up of the MK franchise and DC Comics characters, that were pivotal in making this a fighting game worth of your attention – even though it was a porting from old gen consoles and PC. You wouldn't have played it unless you didn't own a PS Plus subscription so, well, we'll count it in.


Infamous: Second Son wasn't the biggest Infamous experience you would have dreamed about and it was also a signal for Sony to stop asking Sucker Punch to produce just Infamous games every couple of years (in fact we still don't know if we'll see other titles in the series soon or at all). By the way, it was a good base for the developer to make an expansion called First Light.

First Light was offered at a very competitive price from the beginning but, being a standalone experience in regards of Infamous: Second Son, you could have been both charmed by the new protagonist and visual, pinky visual style or worried about it being another superfluous Infamous game. So there was nothing better at the time rather than having it delivered free of charge by the Instant Game Collection. And we still think it was pretty good.


It was my PlayStation 4 launch title so obviously we're counting it in. Resogun was a great arcadey shump from Housemarque, the minds behind games as Super Stardust and Dead Nation, and looking at those names you should have already guessed that it was going to be a very good game for you to enjoy that new Sony console back in November 2013.

Sony also had the good idea to put it in the PlayStation Plus lineup as soon as it started to support PS4 titles, so it was really a combination of things shaping up perfectly for the Finnish studio to see Resogun both acclaimed and much played by the people owning a PlayStation 4. It's not a triple-A retail blockbuster and whatever, but still it will steal a lot of hours from you. And you'll be happy about that.


Ok, it was just a prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. And, ok, it was a very short gaming experience sold at full price by Konami. But still, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was a great game publicly showing what Hideo Kojima and his team were about to achieve with the next full installation of the Metal Gear Solid saga.

At the time of release I was happy to pay for it, as a MGS old school fan, so I can only guess how much happiness you guys who took it for free had when it arrived on PS Plus for free… Whatever, the game also had a series of side missions which you could enjoy once you ended the story mode, so you could both practice with what was coming next in The Phantom Pain and spend more time on the game based on your preferences.

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