18 Amazing Tips You Might Not have known about Fallout 4

18 Amazing Tips

It's been months after for Fallout 4 release and still there are plenty of things to be explored. Players have been using mods, cheats and every possible way to explore the Wasteland in a Different way. Here are the Top Amazing Tips you might have missed during you gameplay in Fallout 4. 

18 Amazing Tips

18 Amazing Tips for Fallout 4

  1. While in Wasteland you must pick up everything and anything you see. Everything is useful from all weapons to apparel everything is incredibly useful. If you think some things are ain't useful then also you can pick them up and then sell it. Junks have components used in the Workshop inventory, crafting anything, creating settlement objects, weapon mods, apparel mods, food, drugs, and many more.
  2. Fallout 4 is nothing without a perfect SPECIAL attribute. There are two SPECIAL attributes at the start of the game so spread it out evenly, but don't invest 10 points into one SPECIAL. Don't give 10 Strength to be a melee character as 7-9 Strength will work for you and rest like Intelligence, Charisma, Agility, etc. can vary as per your playstyle.
  3. In the Wasteland, you are the Sole Survivor and you mustn't leave weapon and apparel mods in your inventory. Here is the best tip: you can put all your weapon and apparel mods in your Workshop inventory as they can be used as crafting mods for weapons and apparel. If you already have it then attach that mod without using any resources.
  4. Being the Sole Survivor, you must take care of your health. So after a long day out you must always try to sleep in a bed or sit in the pew in the All Faiths Chapel in Diamond City. Sleeping in a bed gives well Rested perk +10% XP bonus for 12 in-game hours while sitting in a pew in the All Faiths Chapel located at the start/front of Diamond City gives Quiet Reflection perk +5% XP bonus for 8 hours. An XP bonus helps you with a long run for the next big day.
  5. After discovering an Idiot Savant perk, you must quick save before discovering the next area or talking to someone to finish a quest and reload until you get the Idiot Savant bonus. If you manage to turn it into a quest with the Idiot Savant bonus grants you a lot of XP, especially with the second rank. If you want to level up quicker, reload until you get the bonus.
  6. Whenever you are trying to have a Speech then quick save before any speech tests, put on some Charisma-boosting apparel, drink a Gwinnett beer, and quickly save. Reload until you succeed the speech test.
  7. Earning More Caps is everyone's primary objective in Fallout 4. Try going to Graygarden and finish the Troubled Waters quest. Later, Supervisor White will "talk" to Supervisor Greene which will, in turn, give you a discount in Greene's shop and making items cheaper in Greene's shop. Greene pays more for your items and as he has a very limited amount of bottle caps, you can try with the Speech Bobblehead or third and last rank of the Cap Collector perk, all vendors, including Supervisor Greene, will have more caps in the store that you can get by selling items to him.
  8. Have you tried resetting the vendor stock, containers, items, and enemies? Try the Vendors reset after 24-48 hours, to buy those rare items, and the discounted items from Greene, all over again by resetting their stock and caps. To reset the vendor simply sit and wait in a chair or sleep in a bed once or twice and they'll restock.
  9. Wanna change your Pip-Boy's color? Its is completely possible to change the color of the Pip-Boy and the Hud in the settings. Just Go to Settings then Display, you can change the color of your HUD, as well as the Pip-Boy color. It all depends on your personal preference, though.
  10. There is a small trick to get rid of the junk items. Simply press the "Store all junk items" button and from there the junk items will automatically be used when crafting, creating settlement objects, etc. Even if you have junk item of Screws and Wood, you are still allowed to make something that just requires Wood, you'll get the Screws back in your Workshop inventory, so don't worry about losing anything.
  11. Your Pip-Boy and power armor has a hidden secret function which some might have missed using, like a built-in flashlight. To Enable, you should press B on Xbox One, Tab on PC, and O [circle] on PS4 when holding the Pip-Boy or in power armor with a Mining Helmet.
  12. Did you ever holster your weapon to move faster? Well, then try this while holding a weapon, all you need to do is hold the reload button which is X on Xbox One, R on PC, and square on PS4. This will make you sprint faster and apparently also won't alert some friendly NPCs
  13. You do not need a terminal to play holotapes, minigame holotapes. You can run then on your Pip-Boy as well, this seems to be pretty common knowledge, as with point 11 and 12, we thought some players who may not know about these features must start using it.
  14. Companions use ammo. Settlers do not. Settlers will consume any ammo you give them if you give them ammo and a new weapon. They will have infinite ammo for whatever gun you give them, so don't waste ammo.
  15. Wasteland will be a god with Lone Wanderer perk. You can have an attacking companion that can carry stuff for you, as well as the bonuses of the Lone Wanderer perk. Try out Lone Wanderer with Dogmeat, as tt's very convenient and give you a boost your XP. 
  16. You are allowed to get the most out of Mama Murphy by giving her all the chems, but do not go any further until she asks for Psycho. If you give her the Psycho she will give you the Sigh information again, and then she'll die after you've given her a Psycho. Listen to her last Sight, then load the save after she dies and persuade or threaten her into stopping the chems and you'll also get XP. 
  17. Don't you ever rely on autosave just focus on saving the game more often. While autosave can be quite useful, but its good to quick save as you can die at any moment, and you can encounter glitches and do mistakes that you'll regret, so having countless saves to load back to is very, very useful.
  18. The Most important and last tips are Never leave Fusion Cores in your power armor as Any human NPC can steal your power armor. To keep your valuable Fusion Cores safe, store them in your inventory or in a container and they don't weigh anything so you can just store them.

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