10 Most Useful PS4 Tips and Tricks you might have missed from being Expert

10 Most Useful PS4 Tips and Tricks

PlayStation 4 had become the best-selling console at launch, with the sale of 250,000 consoles within a 48-hour period and 530,000 in the first five weeks, but the point here is more than 530,000 users have now idea how the basic controls work and the tips and tricks to use the shortcuts. This PlayStation 4 article will show you  best Useful Tips and trick for PlayStation 4 you need to know for your daily use. 

10 Most Useful PS4 Tips and Tricks

You must be reading a lot about the best trick that you can perform with your PlayStation 4, but ended up with all the same, tricks which you might have already known. We are going to share 12 exciting useful tips and tricks which you might have read but not have known the real use of it. So without any further ado, let's begin with our article.

10 Most Useful PlayStation 4 Tips and Tricks

Quick-switch between your Games and Apps

Do not count that as a multitasking trick as it can be used to flick between applications on your console with a simple double tap of the PS button. IT will take you back to the two most recent apps you were using. For example, if you want to check the trophies then switch between the game and the trophy application without having to go to the home screen.

Easy Zoomed Screenshots

Everyone must have known how to take a screenshot on the console if you don't then just try a long press on the share menu which will grab the current screenshot. There is another way which is called as the easy screenshots, you will find it in the options menu of the share screen. Have you ever tried zooming the screen and then taking the screenshot, well try Holding the PS button and hit Square. You'll zoom in on the screen, and you can use the D-Pad to move around. Hit X to exit zoomed mode.

Adding Voice Overs on Recorded Footage

PlayStation 4 has the ability to record and trim your previous 15 minutes of footage. But if you want to voice-over the recorded footage then go to Options and open the Share Settings where you will find the Video Clip Settings. Select the Microphone Audio to add your voice over in real-time.

Save to a USB stick or the cloud

Full with your memory? Need some space by clearing your important stuff? PS Plus subscribers can grab all the benefits by saving to cloud storage and for the PS4 users you also have the benefits, but not like PS PLUS, you can save to a USB hard drive. In order to move data to USB stick or cloud go to settings and open application saved data management to choose where to put the various files on your system. You can also move your screenshots to the USB drive to transfer them to a PC or Mac.

Adjust Wireless Headphones

Everyone is aware of the fact that any 3.5mm jack headphones can be connected to the DualShock 4 and start using it. Have you ever adjusted the default settings for the headphones such as chat audio only. Now you can do it, simply hold down the PS button in game and you will have the option to select 'adjust devices' on the resulting menu. You must select 'output to headphones' option then choose 'all audio'. The player with Incline mic then you can easily chat or even commentary recording for Twitch.

Use Custom keyboard

Entering the Message with PS3 controller was a way to ugly, but Thankfully PS4 has sorted out the pain with a custom keyboard option which is nothing but your Phone's keyboard. All you need is to use the PlayStation App as a second screen for text entry. But make sure that your phone and PS4 on the same WiFi network and shares same PSN ID. If so then select the second screen option and go to the keyboard icon at the top left, you have a custom keyboard to use. 

BONUS TIP: Press R3 during text entry and you will use the Controller's gyro function(quick and handy).

Remote Play

In this wireless world, players have been taking out laziness to the next level. Are you aware of the Remote Play feature of the console? You can now stream your PlayStation Vita with PlayStation. All you need to share is the same PSN ID just like we did for Custom Keyboard. You must enable turning on PS4 from the network in order to run this remote setting.

Sleeping Update

Charge your DualShock and Download the updates, games while you sleep. The Standby Mode in Console thinks you are sleeping or busy and it will download the charge your controller till then for you. You must select the 'Supply Power from USB ports' option from the power savings settings> Did you know the new micro USB socket which means compatible phone chargers will let you charge a controller on the fly without having to stretch a cable from the console.

Background Music

Do you want to hear some favorite soundtrack while playing games or surfing the net? Try Music Unlimited app you can actually play the song and continue with your back with the music running on the background. Free 30-day trial is available to the new users. If you try to press the Playstation button while using it then you will have music player control at the bottom of your screen.

Real or Social Identity

PlayStation 4 allows you to share your real name and Facebook profile picture if you don't want to use the Online PS Id and Avatar. Go to Profile settings, choose the Profile Picture option and change to whatever you are cool with. This helps you sort your real life friends and the other you have made over the network.

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