8 Astonishing Pokemon GO Facts You Need to Know About

8 Astonishing Pokemon GO Facts

When video game developer Niantic Labs was assigned the Moblie Version of Pokemon, the expectation was pretty high. After the first reveal of Pokemon GO, the expectation kept growing and finally it became a massive phenomenon from the day it launched. We can finally regress back to our childhood craze for Pokemon. The Game lets the player catch Pokemons in Real World. Players can't get enough of exploring the new places, hunting various Pokemon, Gym and PokeStops they encounter nearby. Here are the 8 Astonishing Pokemon GO Facts you need to know.

8 Astonishing Pokemon GO Facts

8 Astonishing Pokemon GO Facts

Breaking All the Records

The First week of its release, Pokemon GO is already reported bigger than Tinder in the US. Nintendo’s valuation went up by $9 billion with all the press and mania over the release of Pokemon GO worldwide. Pokemon GO was installed more than twice the number of the android phone in the First week. As per the report from SimilarWeb, 62 percent of Android users in the US are playing the game everyday which also break the daily users record of social giant Twitter.

Making You Healthy

The Game uses the Geotagging so the player can catch Pokemons in Real World, this makes the Players get out of the office/home and walk around in the real world. Your character in the game walks and turns the same way you move. In the First week, we saw a lot of players complaining about the Sore Legs and posting funny stories about the game online. You might be lucky if you have a PokeStop and a Gym nearby but for hatching Pokemon eggs, the game requires you to walk a set distance to accomplish this goal.

A Profitable Side Business

After the Hugh Success, the trending Pokemon GO has led many business owners to either post warning signs on their properties or make a business out of the Lucky PokeStop. For example, there is a PokeStop at the Restaurant you might take an advantage of it and attract more Pokemon trainers at your location. There are also few cases where people have complained about trespassing their private property.

May Help Some Criminals to Commit Crimes

Being the Fun part that you have to explore the real world also makes it scary as there are savvy criminals who have already tried to take advantage of the new trend. You have to be careful where you are heading. Police officers in O’Fallon, Missouri, arrested four people suspected of using Pokemon GO to lead their victims to remote areas to 'catch' Pokemon characters and rob them. Be Careful and Stay Alert.

Fake Counterfeit Version

Pokemon Go has to be Launched for Australia, The United States, and New Zealand. If you happen to live outside these three then you'll be trying to download from some sources. We want to warn you about the Counterfeit Version of Pokemon GO are there online which contains malicious content that can damage your phone. Try to wait until July 15, when the game is expected to be released in Europe and Asia.

Reason behind Pokemon GO

According to its developers, Pokemon GO is destined to help people with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. As the Game requires and forces people to physically get up and head outside to explore the new area, it encourages people with agoraphobia to leave their house, exercise and engage with other people.

Fun But Risky

While playing Pokemon GO, you need to track the nearby PokeStops, Gym, and sometimes places where Pokemon spawn, but getting people out of the house to play a video game can also be terrifying at times. The is a warning for those players who go into strange alleys finding for Pokemon. Reportedly, A girl searching for a Pokemon ended up finding a dead body. Be Alert.

Good for Young Americans

Americans have always think about distance in miles and in Pokemon GO you need to think in kilometers instead of miles. Gizmodo predicts that millions of young Americans will eventually learn the metric system all because of Pokemon GO, as it will force them to think in kilometers instead of miles.

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