4 Items Worth buying with PokeCoins in Pokemon GO

4 Items Worth buying in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO features various items like PokeBalls, Incense, Lucky Eggs, Egg Incubators and more which help you Find, Evolve, and Power UP your Pokemon. You can get these Items either by leveling up your Trainer or purchase it from the in-game Shop in exchange for PokeCoins or with Real Money. Not every item in the Shop is worth Buying and that is why we've put together the list of 4 items that are worth buying in Pokemon GO.

4 Items Worth buying in Pokemon GO

4 Items Worth Buying in Pokemon GO

The in-game Shop features 7 different items, but not all 7 are worth buying with your hard earned PokeCoins. If you want free PokeCoins then do check our Pokemon GO Guide. Once you have enough PokeCoins you can buy the items from the Shop, so without any further ado, let's check out the 4 Items you need to buy.

Bag Upgrade

Bag Upgrade is must once you reach level 10-12, you need to more space for PokeBalls, Great Ball, Incense, Egg Incubators, and others. You default size for the bag is 350 but you can upgrade the space by 50 for your PokeCoins. The Bag Upgrade will cost you around 200 PokeCoins, but definitely worth it.


From the start, you have 2 Incense so that you can Capture Pokemons and level up fast. If you've already used them then Try buying them from the Store. One Incense will cost you 80 PokeCoins, 1500 for 8 and so on. The Incense can be used only for 30 Minutes and if you are traveling with teams then all the players nearby are also affected. So To use the Incense you must Click on the Menu then select the Incense from the Items. Tap on the Floating Icon to activate and your 30 minutes timer will begin.

Lure Module

Another Great feature in Pokemon GO is the Lure Module. This item works more powerful and effective than the Incense as they are attached to a specific location. Just like the Incense you can purchase them and can be found at various PokeStops for free. You can purchase Lure Module for 100 PokeCoins for 1, 680 for 8 and so on. To use the Lure Module you must have one and deploy it to any PokeStop nearby with a shower if pink petals around the stop. Like Incense the Lure Module will also be activated for 30 minutes and can be seen by all players and use them to capture the Pokemon attracted.

Lucky Egg

Lucky Egg is another Consumable item which will help you Trainer to Double the XP earned for 30 Minutes. Once you reach Level 9, Lucky Egg will be unlocked and you can start Boosting your XP by catching and evolving new Pokemons. If you combine the Lucky Egg with Lure or Incense then you can catch lots of Pokemon. Make sure you have stocked up with PokeBalls. Check our Ultimate XP boost guide to know how to use Lucky Egg the right way. Lucky Egg will cost you only 80 PokeCoins for 1, 500 for 8 and so on.

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