Top 9 No Man's Sky Facts You Need to Know

Top 9 No Man's Sky Facts

No Man's Sky is an Open World space exploration video game. The player is free to visit and explore any Planet they want and do whatever they like. There are various Alien life forms, Flora and Fauna to discover and analyze in the game, but this article will show you the top 9 facts about No Man's Sky which you need to know before playing the game. So without any further ado, let's begin with the facts.

Top 9 No Man's Sky Facts

Top 9 No Man's Sky Facts

Not Infinite Universe

The No Man's Sky is very vast, but not Infinite. According to the Sony and HelloGames, there are over 18 Quintillion Planets to explore in No Man's Sky. The chance for getting bored with playing is particularly low as the player will be busy exploring the new planets each and every time on every Star System. It would take over 500 Billion years to visit all the planets in No Man's Sky.

Dynamic Flora and Fauna

As the game features 18 Quintillion planets, all the flora and fauna in the game is mathematically generated with the help of special series of algorithms, rather than being individually designed. These also depend on various factors like surrounding area, plant type, weather, and others. There are 11 different classes of Stars in No Man's Sky and each vary from temperature to color.

No load Screens

As we mentioned that the planets are mathematically generated, we are lucky to save more time on the weird Loading screens and simply enjoy the game with good pace. After the initial Startup, the game will have start generating dynamically from entire solar system to aliens flora and fauna wildlife in one fluid transition. The Players have loved the gameplay experience so far without a single loading screen.

The Creator Were Victims of Floods

No Man's Sky Creators Office(Guildford, England) was flooded late on Christmas Eve(Jan 15th, 2014) which was just a year later after the announce. The Team was shocked as they had lost their PCs, Laptops, equipment and other dev-kits, but the HelloGames stated - This Doesn't mean Game Over and starting working hard and the game only had a single delay.

13 People Game

We're not kidding, the game was actually made by 13 people. The Game was started with four developers and a Room, and slowly they started picking up new team members along the way. After the Flood, HelloGames started expanding a little more to 13 members and finally managed to deliver such a great Open World Space Exploration.

Game Delay

The Game Delay had actually had the worst effect on the Players. Creator Sean Murray tweeted that he had started receiving Death threats that week. The Game was Delayed only once but had a great impact on the fans who were waiting for so long. A Videogame Writer - Jason Schreier also reported about getting a Death Threat just for writing about the delay.

Sean Murray Turned Down meeting Kanye West

No Man's Sky's creator Sean Murray had turned down a meeting with Kanye West. At E3, Kanye West had requested Sean to see the game, but Sean Turned down. Later, Sean had booked meetings Elon Musk and Steven Spielberg at their request. HelloGames really needed to talk about the AI technology with Mr. Musk and offer Mr. Spielberg some advice about his next film.

Territorial Control

You are not the only one out there in the Space. There are plenty of aliens species out there competing for territorial control. The explorer may encounter various Space Pirates. While exploring you'll encounter traders being attacked by Space Pirates now you have the option to save them or leave. Saving them will give you decent rewards and form allegiances. Other than Saving you can control your Mining on any planet which is under Sentinels control.

Total Game Completion

The Grand Objective of the game is to reach the Center of the Universe, so far we haven't seen anybody competing yet. According to Sean Murray, it becomes interesting, day by day as you keep exploring and making your way towards the center. If you've solved the Center of the Universe Mystery then do let us know in the comments below.

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