PlayStation Meeting 2016: 5 Mind Blowing Announcements Expected To Be Made

PlayStation Meeting 2017

With Gamescom being such a huge disappointment, September 7's PlayStation Meeting is something video games needed, and ultimately tell us there won't be a big focus on Tokyo Game Show and Paris Games Week from Sony this year as it was in 2015. PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation Neo announcements are the most anticipated and almost confirmed stuff we'll be seeing at the New York venue, but it seems something more could be under the wrap. Let's take a look at all the things (some possible, some not) we could be looking forward to from tomorrow when it comes to PlayStation consoles.

PlayStation Meeting 2017

PlayStation 4 Slim

The biggest paradox in the modern history of video games, PlayStation 4 Slim has not been announced so far but early units have been around for a long while now. Units coming from the UAE have indeed flooded the United Kingdom market, where people found out about this new hardware by simply looking at it in certain stores and, once understood about their rarity, started to put them on sale at used stuff retailers.

PS4 Slim

Opposite to the Xbox One S, PlayStation 4 Slim is said not to be featuring new functionalities – so no Ultra Blu-ray drive, no 4K upscaling, no HDR. It's a pure PlayStation 4 redesign, like those we've seen so far in older generations. It seems Sony wants PlayStation Neo to be the only "special one" doing native 4K and showing raw power at home. Is this the right path for video games? Will this redesign be meaningful when in a matter of just one year a new PlayStation will be around? Sony will really need to answer those questions at PlayStation Meeting…

Red Dead Redemption Remastered

It's been the talk of the town for a while, and now we've been warned about its possible announcement at PlayStation Meeting by another rumor coming from Korea. Even though people keeps asking for a sequel, it seems Rockstar Games might be announcing Red Dead Redemption Remastered withing today or tomorrow in New York. This new version would not be a PlayStation exclusive, according to this rumor, and should be coming to Xbox One and PC (for the first time ever) in 2017.

Red Dead Redemption Remastered

From the looks of it, considering the game would not launch this year, it is likely Rockstar is doing something meatier than a simple remaster. So expect brand new textures and stuff like extra story content, which are always something we love when it comes to the makers of GTA V. It could be those contents or a teaser trailer to announce a Red Dead sequel.

Gran Turismo Sport Reannounced For PS Neo

Gran Turismo Sport just got delayed, it won't be out in November, so what's the deal with the latest racing game from Polyphony Digital? It could just be a matter of the developer needing more time to have its vision perfectly shaped at day one, as many journalists have badly criticized it at the recent preview events. It could be Polyphony willing to make it better with PlayStation VR, or there could be something more under the wrap. Maybe Sony is asking for it to be performing more and better on PlayStation Neo?

Gran Turismo Sport

This is a chance. We don't see a complete re-announcement for the title even though canceling and refunding pre-orders on PlayStation Store could also mean this – but GT Sport could easily be among those games being much, much better when taking advantage of PlayStation Neo's power, maybe the one that gets it most. Better anti-aliasing and resolution, first of all, and a better damage system as the build showcased so far were completely missing it. So there's a lot of work to do in Polyphony and this could be something PlayStation Neo could make much easier for the Japanese developer. Another game that could possibly be joining the "cross-gen" titles list could be Detroit: Become Human… just saying.

PlayStation VR Surprise

Don't forget there's a brand new product releasing on October 13 – PlayStation VR. This headset will probably determine whether virtual reality can be a worldwide commercial success to be displayed in every living room, or is destined to remain in the developers and nerds' bedroom as the latest tech dream not come true. Sony truly believes in it and, as Shuhei Yoshida recently said, hopes it will become a mainstream affair as soon as 2020. By that date, according to analysts, there will be around 68-69 million devices in the world, while in 2016 shipments will "only" be at slightly below 10 million. These numbers would be strong enough to grant a shiny future to PlayStation VR and the virtual reality phenomenon as a whole.

PlayStation VR Surprises

So, is Sony just accompanying PlayStation VR to its October launch without a bang? We don't think so. More stuff will be showcased and, hopefully, some new games or features will be showcased at PlayStation Meeting this week. What could it be? Honestly, we have no ideas. We only doubt it could have something to do with PlayStation Neo, as Sony doesn't want PS4 owners to think "oh, okay, I'll buy it when PS Neo releases, then".

PlayStation Neo

And here we go. We've all been waiting for it since the first rumors, and since SIE CEO Andrew House has admitted its existence just a few days before the E3 2016 officially kicked off. Microsoft was quick and bold enough to showcase the first glimpses of Project Scorpio right there and that was probably a good move, but now the time has come. Now it's the time of PlayStation Neo, so what is it about to bring in gaming? According to rumors, we should not expect a more powerful hardware in comparison with early insider tips talking about a 4.19 teraflop console. It would be enough, anyway, to run 4K at 30fps and 1080p at 90FPS, based on the most recent intel, so it doesn't look like you'll notice a sudden and noticeable difference in comparison with Project Scorpio's 6 teraflops.

Anyway, from a technical point of view, it will be interesting to look at how Sony has decided to work around such difference. Our opinion about this is we want to see games and we want to see a true leap forward in comparison with PS4 and Xbox One since it would really need a meaningful difference to just get rid of an only three/four-year-old platform and buy a new one. Games need to be just one and then run better based on the hardware/console we're investing on, something Microsoft has already granted as certain, and then we've to see how's PlayStation Neo actually priced. It'd be great to have it releasing at €399 (the same price PS4 had upon day one), and that could be the reason why Sony is offering a less performing machine, will the price be once again the X-Factor determining who's winning the console war? We'll see…

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