Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour Demo Impressions

Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour Demo Impressions

Resident Evil: The Beginning Hour Teaser was out last year and now I got a chance to go through a full Demo released in December 2016, a new year pleasure for us to have a flavor of Resident Evil franchise. I enjoyed the entire concept of creepy horror and survival gameplay, turns out to be one of edgy games of 2017. Resident Evil 4 was the last best for me, and later in next series I noticed the game is unable to cope with its essence. There were around 8 different titles released after RES 4, targeting gaming consoles and PC platform. Some were hit, and some failed to perform well. 

Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour Demo Impressions

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a recent release scheduled for 24th January, 2017 on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 platform. The Teaser and a full Demo, brings a glimpse of how the game would be, we are unsure whether the playable chapters will be a part of the full game or released separately for giving a knowhow to gamers. 

With RES 7 we can have high expectation, it looks the franchise is getting back into shape. After playing the full demo I am fairly sure it is on path to redeem it's truly glory. This demo version offers a glimpse of how Resident Evil 7 will be. I am unsure whether it will be a part of the actual game or not. My assumption is based on a multiple endings. One ending offers you a dirty coin, so probably it can be transferred to full version after release, allowing users to use it to gain uncertain in-game items or features. 

The demo also does not tells about the central character, I played through a first person perspective, a newbie trying to escape a isolated creepy facility,  I see it a extended version of the teaser, with something more in the end to find. 

Finding true ending of Resident Evil: The Beginning Hour is tough that includes mind boggling steps. We have a guide that can help you – Finger Murder Puzzle Solution, Fifth Giggle, Grab Dirty Coin - Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough.

Overall I like the concept of mystery or puzzle solving element of this horror game, it truly makes you to bite your finger nails sometime. RES7 is the first one to support true VR experience and judging by my experience I feel it will be a killer PSVR title of 2017. 

About Resident Evil 7: Biohazard: 

You play as Ethan, a new protagonist. At the beginning the players get access to various weapons to deal with enemies. The teaser and demo emphasize more on the puzzles and in the full version, we can have extra gameplay including combat. The puzzle will be essential part to move the story ahead, with it, there are chances to have different endings depending on the puzzles. The Demo itself has different endings, so this could also be carried forward in the actual edition.  

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