Outlast 2 Ending: Unsolved Mysteries and Explanation

Outlast 2 Ending

[SPOILER ALERT] Outlast 2 is the next version of 2014 title based on a story of Freelance investigative journalist Miles Upshur, who goes on a trip to explore Mount Massive Asylum, a private hospital owned by Murkoff Corporation. They are conducting inhuman experiments. Compared to the previous story, Outlast 2 is utterly unusual, there is nothing straight forward in the game, instead of the main character Blake Langermann is constantly drifting between past and present. So I am trying to examine a bit what really happens in the entire story line, and the conclusion, in the end, there could be a possible hint for the next title of DLC.

Outlast 2 Ending

Outlast 2 Unsolved Mysteries and Ending Explained:

The Beginning: Plane Crash

Everything started with a murder investigation, Blake’s wife Lynn is heading to a rural area of Arizona where they are trying to find out plot behind the murder of a pregnant woman Jane Doe. A flash of light disables the plane engine and the helicopter crashes, in no time Blake is on the ground and Lynn is missing. The first mystery how does she disappears so instantly. She is but oddly abducted by Sullivan Knoth, a self-proclaimed Prophet who was a Shoe Salesman and lost everything due to debt. He was also working at a late night radio station where he preaches gospels, we can hear in voice throughout the game. He also wrote his book The Gospel of Knoth whose pages you can gather as a collectible item. He is running a cult and has his own church Testament of the New Ezekiel.  At one side after playing few hours I had seen Knoth's followers who are the Christians, and Val a female Heretic leader. Knoth wants Lynn child dead, while Val wants it alive. This is a weird composition, where as a player I was quite clueless about things going around. In one scene while fleeing with Lynn, Val and his followers abduct Lynn. She calls him Mother. Val was aware of Lynn’s pregnancy, how does Val know about the child?

The Middle: Weird Village, School, and Chapel

After crawling much into the village, escaping the followers, etc. Blake seems to be living a parallel life. At one side he in present searching his wife, while on the other he shifts to school where he can see Jessica, his 4th-grade friend. Before the helicopter crashed Blake had a nightmare where he hears Jessica screaming and later another one where he saw her once again and a wave of blood. Does this mean Blake is blaming himself for what happened to Jessica, and he is disturbed by it from a very long time? He might not have shared this with Lynn, but it looks Blake took the responsibility of Jessica’s death on him. Or its Jessica’s ghost who is haunting Blake, in the village where Evil power might be strong, her ghost is behind the bad things happening to Blake and Lynn. At the church you will see a man tied to a wheel and Knoth tortures his wife to find Lynn’s address.

The End or Conclusion: The Birth of Child

Lastly, after struggling around Blake reaches the mine and saw Val is doing some kind of cult process on Lynn who is 9 months pregnant covered in weird cement-like paste. This is the Heretics group 800feet below ground. Val who catches Blake, again the scene turns in to a hallucination where Blake sees Jessica in school, she tells Blake to come with her and Blake follows. In a similar way at the end Blake follows Lynn. Two scenes similar to each other but separate by a parallel universe. Jessica dies in the end and Lynn to dies giving birth to a child in the church. Blake also witnesses Jessica’s suicide, or in one scene it is shown as an accident when Blake left her in the school with father, he hears her screams, Blake returns and finds Jessica dead on the stairs.

In the end, after Lynn dies giving birth to a child, Knoth kills himself. Blake goes out and sees a mass suicide of villagers who are believers of an apocalypse, Blake while moving towards Sun seems to be engulfed into light with a final school vision. On Wikipedia under the game plot, this light flash is mentioned as a nuclear blast to cover up things done by Murkoff Corporation, it does not seem like the blast because the same thing appeared a number of times, does this means there was constant blast.

Jessica’s vs. Lynn’s World:

Jessica loves Blake, and so Lynn. In the end when Blake sees Jessica dead on stairs, Blake later also witnesses Lynn’s death in the church after giving birth to a child. In Jessica’s world the evil is Father Loutermilch, while in Lynn’s world it is Sullivan Knoth. Blake witnesses mass suicide in school where in the pool area he sees a lot of hanging bodies, then later he sees same in village. Blake also witness a shower of blood in the school, and so the rain in the village.

Unsolved Mysterious of Game:

  • How Lynn Langermann got pregnant? Was she pregnant when she was on the helicopter and didn’t tell Blake, and the game happens in the course of months that lead to a childbirth in the end.
  • What makes Knoth believe the world is ending? Why does he think Lynn’s child is an anti-Christ or devil?
  • Who are the Heretics, why Val worships Lynn’s Child? How she finds that Lynn is going to give a birth?
  • What turned villagers devilish?
  • Who is Marta and why she is on a killing spree in the village?
  • How Jessica dies, was it a suicide, accident or murder?
  • Was Jessica molested by Father Loutermilch that has to lead to her suicide or murder?
  • Are the villagers, Knoth and Val are the victims of Murkoff Corporation inhuman experiments?
  • Does Blake was hallucinating all the time and whatever happened was just a dream?
  • To whom that long tongue belongs to?
  • Does Lynn has some connection with the cult or the village, is she probably be the one that remains disappeared in the entire game?
  • Does Jessica was trying to send message or communicate with Blake, it looks like she was hinting him for upcoming tragic events through dream?

Anyhow there is no accurate answer to the questions I am listing a few of them below, do share your views what you think about the game story. Do share your views what you think about so many mysteries of this game.

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