Destiny 2: What We Know About Story Line, Game Modes, New Classes, Weapons And Other Secrets So Far

 Destiny 2 Feature

After three years Destiny 2 is finally making its way to consoles on September 8, 2017. The PC version will be delayed a bit. Previous edition was released in 2014 followed by major expansion in between the years. Now we have the new game with major changes in it. The game is confirmed to have 4K resolution support on PlayStation 4 Pro, but officially it is not clear whether it will be driven by Checkerboard or native 4K resolution. For the frame-rate per second, the developer has confirmed that all consoles version (PS4, Xbox One and PS4 Pro) will run at 30FPS. About Project Scorpio port of Destiny 2, Bungie said it could not provide information for the Xbox Scorpio port of Destiny 2 before Xbox E3 2017 presentation.

 Destiny 2 Feature

For PC the release will not be far, soon after the console version is out we might hear a PC launch in coming weeks. Talking about the fps and 4K support, PC gamers will have a more preference over console. They will be able to get a 4K resolution along with uncapped framerate that can reach to 144fps. Those who have a high end hardware can push the game video settings to much higher to get detailed graphic quality.

What all things we know about Destiny 2 after the gameplay reveal

Destin 2 Story Plot: (Leaked Info, later on confirmed)

Destiny 2

In the previous edition The Guardians fought with Darkness to save Traveler and now The Last City is under attack. A leaked info on web claims the attack was by Primus Ghaul the leader of Red Legion. Ghaul want to claim Traveler and its light for himself. That is the possible reason behind his attack on the city. The trailer video shows the Guardians are left powerless after the attack, so the plot revolves around taking the city back and defeating Ghaul. There are three characters revealed yet in the trailer they are Ikora Rey, Cayde-6 and Zavala with Amanda Holliday.

Game Modes:

Campaign Mode:

  • Play Story
  • Side Missions
  • Quests
  • Social Space
  • Visit Faction Vendors

Cooperative Multiplayer:

  • Strikes: Play in a team of 3 players or Matchmake with others
  • Raids: Play in a team of 6 for ultimate cooperative challenge. Earn weapons, gears, etc.
  • Clans + Guided Games: Complete activities with team or find new companions. The new clan system allows players to join a clan or to be a part of it to accomplish different activities in the game. This is the Guided Games part of Destiny 2.


  • 4vs4 max groups in the multiplayer mode.
  • Countdown mode is a 6 match competition, where one team will be the defense and other attacker. Similar to CS, the attacker will plant a bomb and defend it, while the defenders will try to stop it. If you die in the match, you can be revived once by a teammate using a revive token, or else you have to wait for the match to end.

Destiny 2 Classes & Sub-Classes:

There will be the same 3 classes - the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter along with major modification and three new Sub-Class Titan Striker, Warlock Dawnblade, and Hunter Gunslinger. The subclasses do not support changes or stats to Armor, Recovery and Agility, instead it is provided by the Armor instead. Below is the list of abilities of each class you can checkout along with a YouTube video uploaded by Arekkz Gaming

TITAN STRIKER Skill Tree and Abilities:

Super Ability: Fist of Havoc - supercharges your fists. While Fist of Havoc is active you can slam the ground with the force of a maelstrom and smash shoulder-first into enemies.


  • Pulse Grenade - a grenade that periodically damages enemies inside its blast radius
  • Flashbang Grenade - an explosive grenade that disorientates the enemies it damages
  • Lightning Grenade - a grenade that sticks to any surface and emits bolts of lightning

Class ability: Barricade

  • Towering Barricade - a large barrier that can be used for cover or to seal off dangerous areas for a short time
  • Rally Barricade - a small barrier that allows you to peek over it while aiming down sights and instantly reloads your equipment when you take cover


  • Increased Height - upgrades Lift to travel to greater heights
  • Catapult - upgrades Lift to provide a strong initial burst of momentum
  • Increased Control - upgrades Lift for better directional control while in the air

Subclass Passives: Part 1

  • Shoulder Charge - after sprinting for a short time, slam shoulder-first into your target
  • Aftermath - Fist of Havoc disorientates enemies and leaves a damage-dealing field in its wake
  • Magnitude - increases the duration of Pulse Grenades, Lightning Grenades, and Aftermath
  • Aerial Strike - Fist of Havoc deals more damage the longer it’s in the air

Subclass Passives: Part 2

  • Reversal - melee kills immediately trigger health regeneration
  • Frontal Assault - a powerful melee punch that grants you increased weapon stability
  • Trample - Fist of Havoc lasts longer while sprinting. Killing enemies with Fist of Havoc extend its duration.
  • Knockout - breaking enemies shields increases your melee range.

WARLOCK DAWNBLADE Skill Tree and Abilities:

Super Ability: Daybreak - weave Solar Light into blades and smite your foes from the skies


  • Solar Grenade - a grenade that creates a flare of Solar Light which continually damages enemies trapped inside
  • Firebolt Grenade - a grenade that unleashes bolts of Solar Light at nearby enemies
  • Fusion Grenade - an explosive grenade that causes bonus damage when attached to its target

Class ability: Rifts

  • Healing Rift - conjure a well of Light that continually heals those inside it
  • Empowering Rift - conjure a well of Light that increases the attack power of those inside it


  • Balanced Glide - Glide jump ability provides bonuses to both speed and control
  • Focused Burst - Glide jump ability provides an initial burst of speed
  • Controlled Glide - Glide jump ability provides better directional control when in the air

Subclass Passives: Part 1

  • Igniting Touch - a powerful melee ability that ignites enemies and causes them to explode
  • Phoenix Dive - quickly descend from mid-air and regenerate health
  • Skyfire - when Daybreak is active, descend causes explosive damage when you land
  • Risen Angel - while in the air, aim your weapon to hover in pace for a short time. Dealing Precision damage will extend this effect’s duration

Subclass Passives: Part 2

  • Wild Fire - engage your enemies in mid-flight. Fire weapons and throw grenades while gliding
  • Firestarter - a powerful melee ability that damages enemies while also increasing your movement and reload speed
  • Blazing Dash - dodge in mid-air
  • Everlasting Flames - killing an enemy with Daybreak extends its duration

HUNTER GUNSLINGER Skill Tree and Abilities:

Super: Golden Gun - summons a flaming pistol that disintegrates enemies with Solar Light.


  • Swarm Grenade - detonates on impact, releasing multiple drones that seek nearby enemies
  • Incendiary Grenade - an explosive grenade that catches enemies on fire, causing additional damage over time
  • Tripmine Grenade - an explosive grenade that sticks to surfaces and detonates when enemies pass through its laser trigger

Class ability:

  • Marksman’s Dodge - automatically reloads your weapon when dodging
  • Gambler’s Dodge - dodging near enemies generates melee energy


  • High Jump - upgrades Double Jump with even greater height
  • Triple Jump - upgrades Double Jump with a third jump
  • Strafe Jump - upgrades Double Jump with better directional control while in the air

Subclass Passives: Part 1

  • Explosive Knife - throw a knife at enemies that explodes shortly after impact when Melee energy is full
  • Chains of Woe - Precision kills increase weapon reload speed for you and nearby allies
  • Bombs for Bullseyes - Precision hits generate Grenade energy
  • Six-Shooter - Golden Gun can be fired up to six times but has a shorter duration

Subclass Passives: Part 2

  • Gunslinger’s Trance - enter a trance with each precision kill, reducing the cooldown of your Golden Gun
  • Knife-Juggler - throw a knife at enemies when melee energy is full. A Precision kill with this ability immediately recharges it
  • Line ‘em Up - Precision hits with Golden Gun increase its damage and extend its duration
  • Crowd-Pleaser - Precision hits with Golden Gun generates Orbs of Light for your allies


There weapon system in Destiny 2 has major upgrades. There are three classes Kinetic, Energy and Power. You will get around three weapon slots while playing. In the first you can carry weapons like rifles, pistols, shotguns, etc. The second and third one offer rather powerful to cause more damage. There are also exotic weapons in the game. Below are few examples of each of them.


Destiny 2


Destiny 2


Destiny 2

Destiny 2 More Secrets:

  • The game does not have statistics like Strength, Intellect and Discipline.
  • There are 4 new larger areas, they are European Dead Zone, Titan, Io, and Nessus. In European Dead Zone that is located on earth, you can access the Social Space with your team in MMO. 
  • You will see a lot of new enemy type under different factions.
  • Quest and Side mission can be triggered by talking to NPC’s around the game.

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