5 Major Improvements And Benefits Xbox One X Brings To 1080p TV

Xbox One X Improvements For 1080p TV

During the last few weeks, we've been talking everything Xbox One X, mainly expressing our doubts regarding Microsoft's vision for its upcoming console. Do we really need all this amount of power on a console, especially when it's clear only a small number of developers will truly take advantage of it? Anyway, it's obvious the box is going to introduce lots of technical advantages in comparison with the regular Xbox One model, and it's interesting to note that, for many of them, you won't even be required a 4K television – something Microsoft is not promoting that much, basically because they're pushing on the "true 4K" thing, and because they know that in terms of graphics the most evident upgrade will be the resolution.

Xbox One X Improvements For 1080p TV

So, let's take a look at what Xbox One X has in store for those among you who don't want to upgrade their television and will stick to the good ol' full HD 1080p TV at least for this year, when the console releases on November 7 i.e. what are the Major Improvements Xbox One X brings to the 1080p TV.

1: Faster load times

Games will load faster on Xbox One X, and this won't take into account if you own or not a 4K monitor, of course. It's going to be a 50% improvement upon the current Xbox One and Xbox One S models, because of the new hard disk included in the X. Speaking technically, the HDD – despite still not being a SSD, but at least it's equipped on all the consoles and so it's being considered as a stable standard for developers – is offering 50% more throughput, which is the maximum rate of production or the maximum rate at which data can be processed. In a recent podcast, Microsoft's Albert Penello said:

"The hard drive in Scorpio provides about 50% more throughput than the hard drive in the existing Xbox, and that's because we didn't want load times to be terrible when you're loading these big 4K textures. So we did a lot of work on a custom hard drive in our console. The nice thing about that is when I'm loading 1080p textures, the load times are much faster. So just by putting an Xbox One game in the Scorpio, your games are gonna load faster. Now, I think everybody knows today, load times vary from game to game, but all your load times are gonna be a lot faster on Scorpio for the existing games."

It's pretty neat, and you should also add the extra 4GB RAM in comparison with the previous models of Xbox One, which are going to grant even more fast load times.

2: Anisotropic filtering for existing games

Another interesting improvement upon the current Xbox One models, and actually a difference between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, is the inclusion on the very hardware of the anisotropic filtering. This means all the games you'll run on Xbox One X, both existing, upgraded and upcoming, will feature anisotropic filtering in order to have clearer textures.

"We're doing anisotropic filtering in hardware so that older Xbox One games that exist on the market will get better texture filtering," Penello confirmed in a recent interview with Gamasutra, confirming that "we have been very thoughtful about making the 1080p experience on an Xbox One X really good."

3: Existing Games' Dynamic resolution will get stable, frame-rate more consistent

Things will also get better on existing games that feature dynamic resolution and unstable frame rate on current Xbox One models. An example of this is Halo 5: Guardians, which – despite being developed by a first party team like 343 Industries – features dynamic resolution depending on the amount of enemies and the complexity of the scenery. Resolution will now be one and only, set forever and ever, and situations where frame rate had some ups and downs will be fixed to offer a more consistent gameplay experience.

"Games that run at dynamic resolution or dynamic frame rate will run at their max res and framerate on an Xbox One X," Penello told Gamasutra. This means there won't be any particular changes in the engines and the way they work on already existing games (i.e., a 30fps title won't be able to get to 60fps, nor resolution will go to native 4K without an upgrade that grants the inclusion of 4K assets), but in certain situations the improvement will be crystal clear even when you're using a 1080p TV.

4: Supersampling

This is the most important improvement above all aforementioned. Supersampling is making sure you'll have the beauty of 4K even without a 4K monitor. Ok, it's not going to be the same thing, but sure enough it'll offer  4K-like experience – almost aliasing free - to guys still opting for a 1080p TV. And, on top of that, this'll be a differentiator in comparison with PS4 Pro titles: on Sony's platform it's always depending on developers' will and engine to include supersampling, while the former Project Scorpio will force it by hardware's design.

"We have supersampling by default so games that are rendered in 4K get super sampled down to 1080p," Penello said in the same interview with Gamasutra. "And if you haven't seen, there's some great YouTube videos on supersampling. A 4K super sampled image at 1080p looks better than a native 1080p image."

5: More Visual Effects, Draw Distance, Extra Power To Use

Of course, those 6 teraflops will allow developers to have extra power to use, and this spare power will be even more when they won't need to force the 4K resolution. This means that we'll sure enough see two visual modes (or even more – do you remember Tomb Raider… ?) included in games, one for better graphics and the other for better performances/faster frame rate, as this model worked pretty good on PS4 Pro and will be re-presented to come with a further bonus to people opting for 1080p res.

The first, which at this moment is the only one we're sure of – since better frame rates will depend on developers and their internal tools -, will come with more visual effects popping up on the screen, a higher draw distance in comparison with the base Xbox One, higher quality textures and shadows, and all the tweaks each software house will be able to put into the lot. The difference on Xbox One X should be higher in comparison with PS4 Pro, considering the extra power and all the changes that will also come forced by default.

"So if you have a 1080p TV there's a laundry list of reasons why an Xbox One X is a great console", Penello said, finally. "And if you're planning on getting a 4K TV it's almost like a no brainer."

Like Penello said above -

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