Do Not Rush Through Destiny 2's Content

As Guardians slowly make their way into Destiny 2, there will no doubt be a sense of urgency to get through the content as fast as possible. Commander Zavala and others will push us to save the universe once more, and the desire to max out your Guardian’s Power Level will be strong. I’m here to tell you to take it easy and take your time!

Every time a new expansion of Destiny was released, the critics were up in arms that it wasn’t enough. There wasn’t enough story missions, or not enough new strikes, or not enough new weapons, shaders, exotics, and so on and so forth. While some of the criticism was certainly deserved – I’m looking at you, live events financed by Silver – a lot of the perceived lack of content can be attributed to players rushing through the content.

Do Not Rush Through Destiny 2's Content

It’s understandable that the best gear can only be attained at the highest level of Light, or Power as it will be called in Destiny 2. There is a natural urge to get the best gear and get prepared to tackle the next raid. In fact, I’ve got a bone to pick with Bungie about its release date for the Leviathan raid. Personally, I don’t believe that one week is nearly enough to allow players to appreciate the core game’s content without making players feel like they have to hurry up and get ready. Releasing a raid, which naturally requires high levels of Power and the best gear available, so soon after the release of an entirely new game, seems self-defeating. I can practically guarantee the complaints of lack of content starting as soon as the raid has been beaten, which will likely happen within the first two weeks.

Speaking from personal experience, I know that the draw to get into the end game of Destiny is strong. I can get loot envy with the best of them and it is very tempting to bypass cutscenes, be carried by your friends, or just skip anything but the essentials, all to gain experience faster. I implore you to resist. Learn to say “No.” If your clan mates, that are many hours ahead of you in the game, are offering to just carry you through the story or to show you the fastest way to level up, tell them “No, thank you.” You may not be able to satisfy your urges in the short term, but you will be rewarded in the long run.

Do Not Rush Through Destiny 2's Content

While there are many returning characters in Destiny 2, there will certainly be new ones. New stories to learn, and new strategies to discover. Take it all in and you will come through the campaign a more educated Guardian. You’ll be able to understand more of the lore and hidden secrets. You won’t have to constantly pretend to know what The Darkness really means, or why certain events took place.

I came late to the original Destiny party and ended up having to spend a lot of extra time after the fact learning what’s going on. Granted, Destiny’s story telling had its flaws, including some major ones. Destiny 2 aims to do a better job at this, but even so, this is not a race no matter how much it may seem so. So please, take your time and enjoy what’s being put in front of you. Resist the urge to keep up with friends that may have more time to play the game, and do not worry about missing anything; you won’t.

A final tip from us: Don’t buy into reviews of Destiny 2 that come out within the first week of its release, or even earlier. This is not the type of game that can be understood and properly evaluated in just a few hours of playing time. Sure, everyone wants to know if it’s worth buying, but any review worth its salt will be backed by extensive time spent in and around the various areas of Destiny 2.

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