The 9 Best Xbox Exclusives To Get Excited About In 2019-2020

9 Best Xbox Exclusives For 2019-2020

Over the years, Xbox has made a name for itself for a few reasons - specifically the hardware and durability of the consoles. Before Xbox One, the 360 and the first console were powerhouses in exclusive content, whether that was Halo or Gears of War or Forza Motorsport. Many have criticized the Xbox One's range of decent exclusive titles that it can call its own, only adding sequels into the mix, not adding anything new. But this next year looks to change things, not just in franchise additions but in the indie game market too. 

Within this year alone, we'll be seeing an exciting addition to the Xbox One's archive. Not only that, but Microsoft revealed a trailer and name for their new console, currently named Project Scarlett. The next-generation console is set to release Holiday 2020. 

9 Best Xbox Exclusives To Get Excited About

Gears 5

Release date: September 10, 2019

Gears 5

With the success of the previous game, especially with its unexpected cliffhanger ending, fans are more than excited to see what happens in the next installment of the franchise. The cast of the fourth game does make a return, but it appears that Kait will be the playable character this time, leaving JD to be a supporting character. The premise will revolve around Kait's origins and her ancestry. A dark and mysterious teaser released at E3 this year, possibly showing Kait's conflicted allegiances. 

Bleeding Edge

Release Date: June 27th, 2019 (Alpha)

From the creators of games such as Heavenly Sword and Hellblade comes a stylish new multiplayer melee game that pits 4v4 in outrageous combat scenarios. This means outrageous characters, weapons, and gameplay mechanics. 

Cuphead "The Delicious Last Course" 

Release Date: 2019


The final piece to the ever-successful indie game Cuphead, this DLC will feature a new playable character in Ms. Chalice that features a whole new island for a brand new slew of adventure and challenges. Cuphead is one of the more popular titles on the Xbox One, with its unique and fresh art style and challenging, but satisfying, gameplay. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator 

Release Date: Expected 2020

One of the many surprises at the Microsoft conference was the reveal of the Microsoft Flight Simulator, a long-running franchise that hasn't seen a title in a good while. But fans of the franchise got to see new footage that displayed the game's gorgeous graphics engine, new planes, and new locales. The graphics are so polished; it's sometimes hard to tell if it's just gameplay or real footage. 

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Release Date: February 11, 2020


A sequel to another great indie game on the Xbox One, the next title looks to bank off of the successful gameplay and art style of the first title and push it to the next level. Much like Cuphead, this new indie franchise is beautiful in its level and character design and also has a deep story that harmonizes with the visuals. 

Blair Witch 

Release Date: August 30th, 2019

During the Xbox conference at E3, it was revealed that an exclusive horror title would be coming to Xbox. Set within the world of The Blair Witch movies, Blooper Team is developing the game, the artists behind Layers of Fear - a good enough reason to pique anyone horror enthusiast's interest. 


Release Date: 2019 TBD


Another indie title on the Xbox One, Tunic is looking to be a fresh take on an old, classic adventure style game. Taking inspiration from the old The Legend of Zelda games, this cutesy take on the genre has a fresh art style and fun gameplay. For those indie fans out there, this will be a game worth adding to their library. 

Minecraft Dungeons 

Release Date: Spring 2020


Not in the same vein as the base game of Minecraft, this solo or multiplayer RPG allows players to go questing through the same universe but in a more honed adventure. Players will fight against familiar enemies of the Minecraft game such as skeletons and such, but collecting loot and upgrading weapons and armor will be the name of the game. Gamers can team up with three others or go solo through the dungeons and collect loot. As you can see in the trailer, it's easy to see the inspiration from RPGs like Diablo, but with a lighter-hearted twist. 

Halo Infinite 

Release Date: Holiday 2020 


Probably the most anticipated title of the future of Xbox One exclusives, Halo Infinite has fans of the franchise excited because it's said to be a new take on the series, adding RPG elements that the games have not had previously. It's also been confirmed that Master Chief will be the protagonist once more and that some of the art direction and stylistic choices lean toward a more classic Halo feel. At E3 2019, 343 confirmed that this will be a continuation of Halo 5's story arc, but will also be a soft reboot so newcomers can jump in and enjoy the franchise as well. 

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