Top 10 Games Similar to The Division 2

Top 10 Games Like The Division 2

The recent release of The Division 2 has garnered some success, both in the form of returning players and newcomers who heard great things. The online shooter is a great example of a fun, fast-paced looter shooter that has a lot to offer and easily worth the retail price. 

For those out there looking for games like it, don't fret, there are plenty of titles that are stylistically or thematically similar. Some are single-player experiences, while others are online-specific. Either way, these games are worth checking out if you've found yourself easily hooked to The Division 2

Top 10 Games Similar to The Division 2

10. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands


Of course, we had to put some more Tom Clancy titles on the list as these will be the most similar in terms of the squad-based gameplay and military-style mechanics. Wildlands varies from The Division 2 in that it's one giant map where players can team up together to roam, loot, and take down enemy forces. One of the most appealing qualities of the game is the freedom in approaching missions and enemy control points. Attacking during the day means that enemies can easily spot you, but going at night allows for better concealment. There's also stealth options or full-on offensive options. It's up to you. 

9. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 


Not precisely a looter-shooter, but still a third-person shooter that pits the player against others in a battle royale scenario. The game's been out for some time but still has a heavy gamer presence. There have been other games of the same genre like Fortnite and Apex Legends, but in terms of stylization and feel, this one's closer to The Division 2

8. The Last of Us

The Last of Us

Not the same in terms of online-play, although there is a multiplayer mode, this one's on the list for those that dig the post-apocalyptic universe. Much of the deserted world of The Division 2 looks similar to the environments in The Last of Us. There's also some crossover with the types of enemies, being crazy psychopaths that take advantage of innocent people when they're most vulnerable — a great single-player story with a challenging, but rewarding PVP online mode. 

7. Anthem 


Released around the same time as The Division 2, this sci-fi online RPG shooter allows for co-operative play in some new ways. Though it had a rough release, the foundations for a more stable and innovative game are there. This is one for those interested in the looter shooter style of play or just wanting something different in terms of the overall art style, which is similar to favorites like Mass Effect. 

6. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

More on the single-player side than online-RPG, Far Cry 5 is similar in that it takes place on the American home-front where a cult has taken over a small town in the mid-west. The other similarities lie in the weapon upgrades and collectibles as well as the types of enemies that harass the local townsfolk. It's up to the player to free up regions of the map by defeating enemy control points, which are present in The Division 2

5. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six

Another Tom Clancy title makes the list, not because its a looter shooter (because it's not), but because it's all about the cooperative play and tactical approach to situations that many of these games have in common. There isn't map exploration in this one, being more of tight, match-to-match style gameplay where players either take the roles of an operative team or a group of terrorists holding hostages. Less complex, yet still a fun and addictive experience. 

4. Fallout 3


This one makes the list for its post-apocalyptic environments, weapon upgrades, and customization, looting, as well as the types of enemies that you'll face. The Fallout franchise has been out for some time and has even had several entries since the third installment, but this one specifically takes place in Washington D.C., so those that loved the environment of The Division 2 will love returning to the city in a different type of post-apocalyptic scenario. Unfortunately, Fallout 3 is much older and is harder to play as it hasn't aged well, but still worth a play-through. 

3. For Honor

For Honor

Okay, this one's not similar in its art-style or gameplay, but it's another online PVP game that challenges the player's skills in timing and patience. With three factions representing knights, Vikings, and samurai, players can also choose from varying classes per faction that have their feels and play styles — a great game for history buffs. The game also has realistic weapons and fighting mechanics which are less hack-and-slash and more about strategic timing. 

2. Borderlands Series


One of the most addictive gaming experiences, Borderlands masters the shooter-looter style, giving players a game worth their time and money. The art style, story, and environments are one of the most creative and artistically vibrant experiences to date. It's essentially Mad Max with a cartoonish edge. The franchise continues to make waves, especially with the newly released trailer for Borderlands 3

1. Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Most similar in play style, Destiny 2 relies on how characters are built via stats, weapons, and armor. The gameplay mechanics are also incredibly similar in terms of looting and upgrading. The main difference being this is a first-person shooter with specific PVP game modes, a beautiful sci-fi setting, and dungeons diving for loot. The first game was also a great experience, but the sequel built off of that and created a stronger story for those that were disappointed by the lack of plot development. 

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