The Best Mods for The Witcher 3 in 2019

Geralt using Igni sign on an enemy

One of the best things about PC gaming is that so many games stay relevant long after their release, thanks to user-created mods. Even though The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is closing in on three years old, it’s actually better than ever now. Whether you want to inject a little more visual flare, make some minor tweaks to the game, or completely overhaul it, there’s probably a Witcher 3 mod for you.

If you’ve never used mods before, don’t worry; mods for The Witcher 3 are extremely easy to install. They’re all hosted on one site, Nexus Mods, which offers its own software to manage mods. Just head to the site, download Vortex, and click the download link for whichever mod you want. Vortex will handle the rest. You can also install mods manually if you’re more comfortable rooting around in the game’s files than letting a third-party program do it for you.

There are plenty of other mods for The Witcher 3 out there; we’ve selected a good starting collection that addresses common complaints and improves the game without veering too far from its original flavor.

Best The Witcher 3 Graphics Mod

If you want the vanilla Witcher 3 gameplay experience but just a little better looking, there are plenty of mods that will enhance or replace its graphics while keeping the rest of the game the same.

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project

No matter what mod setup you’re going for, The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project is a great starting point. It enhances the visual fidelity of everything from rocks and streams to animals and buildings without having too much of an impact on framerate. The mod’s creator says that they aimed to keep these custom textures in line with the game’s original style. It may seem like a small change, but you can check out the videos on the mod’s page to see just how much of a difference it makes.

HD Monsters Reworked

Following a similar philosophy as the HD Reworked Project, HD Monsters Reworked updates the textures of monsters, making them much more beautiful to look at without changing them too much from their original style or increasing your PC’s workload.

Super Turbo Lighting Mod

Rather than making lots of little changes to different items, Super Turbo Lighting mod tries to change the look of the entire game by altering lighting and weather effects. The mod’s creator says that it’s an attempt to make the game look how it did in pre-release videos before the lighting was “downgraded” for the final version. In some areas, the effect is subtle, but in others, it brings a much more dramatic feel to the game.

Realistic Weather

Another option for enhanced weather effects is Realistic Weather. It adds more snow and fog to the world, changes the way that rain and snow storms look, and changes the way that clouds look to fit better with the weather. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t play nice with Super Turbo Lighting Mod or any other mod that changes the weather.

High-Quality Faces

For a game where you spend as much time face-to-face with NPCs as The Witcher 3, most of the game’s characters look a little dead behind the eyes. That’s because the game doesn’t actually draw their faces until you get close enough. High-Quality Faces increases the distance at which faces are drawn, so they look better at any distance. As you can see in the screenshots on the mod’s page, the effect is most pronounced in the eyes.

Increased Draw Distance

Much like High-Quality Faces, Increased Draw Distance increase how far into the distance objects are rendered in detail. The difference is, this mod applies that some logic to everything, showing you enemies, buildings, and vegetation farther away. This can take quite a toll on your computer, but if your rig can handle it, it makes the already-bustling world of The Witcher 3 seem even busier.

Improved Sign Effects

Sure, blasting fire out of your hands is impressive, but you could always do it with a little more pizzazz. Improved Sign Effects takes the somewhat flat visual effects for the Igni and Aard signs and cranks them up to 11. It won’t make the spells more powerful, but it makes them feel more powerful, and isn’t that just as important?

Nitpicker’s Patch - Various Visual Fixes

As the name implies, Nitpicker’s Patch forgoes big-picture changes to focus instead on the tiny (frankly, almost imperceptible) details of the world. This mod closes gaps in armor models, fills in missing bits of background geometry, and fixes objects clipping through each other. If you’ve ever been annoyed that a sign post wasn’t properly aligned with its shadow or an object was floating in midair, Nitpicker’s Patch might be for you.

Best The Witcher 3 Merchants Mod

The Witcher 3 is already full of NPCs who can sell you anything from a haunch of meat to a new set of armor. These mods add a few useful new merchants or tweak how the existing ones work.

Gwent Card Dealer

This one is pretty straightforward. If you want to become a master Gwent player, but don’t want to go through the hassle of tracking down rare cards from far-flung players, Gwent Card Dealer has you covered. It adds a merchant who will sell almost every card in the game. All you need is enough coin, and you can buy yourself an advantage that your opponents could only dream of. Just like in real life!


TradeMan is a simple but flexible way to customize how merchants behave in The Witcher 3. Once you install it, you can change how much money merchants have, how often they replenish their funds, and how much they buy and sell goods for. You can use it to get a little bit of a leg up or cheese your way to a fortune.

The Useful Witcher Tool Innkeeper

If you’ve got money burning a hole through your doublet (maybe thanks to the previous mod), The Useful Witcher Tool Innkeeper is a medieval superstore where you can spend it. The Witcher 3 is chock full of potions, oils, runes, and all sorts of other materials to get you ready for any fight. Traveling the world to stock up can be half the fun of the game, but if you’d instead just dive straight into the action, you can buy any supplies you need from one convenient merchant.

Best The Witcher 3 Gameplay Tweaks Mod

There are probably as many ways to play The Witcher 3 as there are players. The following mods will let you change some key things about how the game plays without totally overhauling it, removing nuisances and generally making your experience a bit smoother.

No Fall Damage

Does what it says on the tin. If you’re tired of Geralt being smashed to bits after falling from the height of an average step ladder, No Fall Damage is a must-have.

Indestructible Items - No More Weapon Degradation

Again, this one is pretty self-explanatory. Needing to repair your items is just one of the ways that The Witcher 3 adds some realism, but if that’s not what you’re going for, this mod removes one major annoyance by keeping your weapons and armor constantly at 100 percent durability.

Increased Creature Loot

Nothing is more irritating than grinding for the one item you need when it just won’t drop. Increased Creature Loot fixes that by making sure that animals and monsters always drop some kind of loot. That way you spend less time hunting for Drowner organs and more time chasing down your real prey.

Autoloot - Autoloot The Items You Want

Enemies in The Witcher 3 drop loads of items when they die and running around the battlefield to find everything after a long fight can be time-consuming. Autoloot does away with all that by automatically picking up items as they’re dropped, even amid combat. You can also set which items you want it to pick up, to keep from looting junk.

Over 9000 - Weight Limit Mod

Inventory management is a time-honored tradition in nearly every RPG, but is it really that enjoyable to stop and drop 10 pounds worth of hides every few minutes? Over 9000 emphatically says, “no way.” It increases your carrying capacity to 9,100 pounds, so you can hoard to your heart’s content — especially helpful if you’re using the previous two mods.

Auto Apply Oils

One of the coolest parts about The Witcher 3 is how it makes you approach every fight intelligently and prepare before going in for the kill. A big part of that preparation is applying the right oil to your blades to counter whatever you’re fighting. It’s a cool idea, but digging through your inventory for the right vial just isn’t fun. Auto Apply Oils fixes that by automatically using the right oil for whatever enemy you’re fighting every time you enter combat.

Friendly HUD

Friendly HUD straddles the line because of cosmetic mod and gameplay enhancement. It lets you configure your heads up display and various menus in fine detail to get exactly the information you want on the screen and no more. By default, Friendly HUD will clean up your screen, keeping your screenshots looking nice and uncluttered, but it can also be used to make the quick-select menu more helpful.

Jump in Shallow Water

This might seem like a small change unless you’ve set foot in water even once in The Witcher 3. Despite being a super-powered mutant monster slayer, for some reason, Geralt loses his ability to jump if his boots so much as get wet. This mod will do exactly what you think it does, allowing you to jump when you’re standing in shallow water.

Absolute Camera

Absolute Camera is a great addition to your game if you take a lot of screenshots, and it can enhance the action as well. It allows you to set custom camera angles based on several preferences, so for instance, if you want the camera to pull way back when you mount your horse or go in for a close up when you draw your sword, you can make it happen.

Fast Travel From Anywhere

The Witcher 3 only allows fast travel from certain points by default. While it’s a good way to force players actually to explore the game’s enormous world, it can be a drag if you just need to pop over to Novigrad for a quick drink or a pinch of specter dust. Fast Travel From Anywhere lets you initiate travel from any point on the map, rather than having to search for a sign post to set out from.

Freecam and Debug Console for 1.32 Patch

Freecam and Debug Console is more than just a mod. You may be familiar with console commands already, most likely from old-school shooters like Quake or any recent Bethesda game. In The Witcher 3, they allow you to change the game in nearly any way you can think of: changing Geralt’s hair, spawning in new monsters, instantly gaining levels, or making yourself invincible. The possibilities this mod unlocks are pretty staggering, and there’s a full list of console commands on its Mod Nexus page.


These next two mods operate a bit differently than the others, making huge, sweeping changes to the game rather than focusing on singular enhancements. You’ll have to check out their mod pages for full details since there are just too many changes to list here, but you can expect alterations to combat, crafting, skills, trading, exploration, and just about everything else in the game. In general, Ghost Mode stays a little closer to the vanilla experience of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, whereas Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition goes much farther with its changes. Keep in mind that, since these mods incorporate so many changes, they’re very likely to conflict with other mods. If you’d rather just install one mod that touches nearly everything than make lots of little tweaks, these overhauls are worth looking into.

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