5 Of The Best Cool Math Games To Play - June 2019

Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games provides all kinds of interesting and fun games for players of all ages and skill levels. The vast majority of the games are centered around getting your brain working, but many of them are great just to relax too. I appreciate websites like this because I used similar games to help my brain get back into the swing of things after a long bout of illness. If you are looking to sharpen the edges of your thinking, or just lose yourself in a simple game to help you relax, these are some of the best Cool Math Games I played this month.

5 Of The Best Cool Math Games To Play June 2019

Lines 98

Lines 98 (pictured in the header image) is all about connecting dots. You can move the dots around the grid, and if you line up 5 of them, they will disappear. You earn points for every line you make vanish. As long as you have a clear route to an open square, the dot will move there, and each time you move other randomly placed colors and dots will appear. It has a couple of secret rules that you will work out as you play, and it is pretty easy to lose hours in this game. 

Awesome Tank 2

Awesome Tanks 2

Awesome Tank 2 is a fun little tank driving game. You need to make your way around each level, killing enemies and collecting loot. A fog of war mechanic means you never quite know what it is waiting for you in the level, and there are a variety of weapons, powerups, and improvements you can make to your tank based off the money you find in the levels. This is super addictive, even if it is a bit simple. You'll need to have some reactions, as there are some deadly surprises hidden by the walls of some of these levels.

IQ Ball 

IQ Ball

IQ Ball is one of my favorite types of time sinks. You need to get a small furry ball to the target in as few moves as possible. You can throw out a tendril that has a limited range and will stick to objects. Some objects you can pull towards you, others will be pushed away, some won't move at all and instead, you will be dragged to them. Figuring out what the grab, when to let go, and refining it all down to a few well-timed moves as possible is a lot of fun, and get your brain thinking without overloading you.

Cannon Basketball 3

Cannon Basketball 3

Another aiming game, Cannon Basketball 3 has you trying to get a basketball into a net using a cannon. It mixes things up a lot by making each stage its own puzzle, and you will need to use switches, teleporters, perfectly timed and powered shots, sometimes under a time limit, to try and get through each level. This is a lot of fun, and comes with Easy or Hard levels, depending on how much a challenge you want. There are actually four of these games if you're going to play them all.



Rullo is a real struggle for me, so I am going to try and play it a lot to improve my thinking in this area. You need to remove numbers from the grid so that the remaining numbers in each row add up to the numbers next to the rows and columns. Each month I plan on including at least one game that kicks my ass in the hope that people out there who are better at this stuff than me will have some fun with it. This month, that game is Rullo.

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