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Pokémon Go is getting some important quality of life changes during its third year on the market, giving players a new and improved way to appraise their newly caught Pokémon that makes things so much faster. 

The pure complexity of Pokémon Go’s inner workings is part of the reason why it has such a hardcore fanbase that constantly goes out to catch creatures while trying to build the perfect team for taking on gyms and raids. 

Before this huge overhaul, players used to need external applications that could run over over Pokémon Go to accurately give appraisals for their Pokémon. It would potentially take hours to individually check each new catch, marking the ones you want to keep, and then hoping that you wouldn’t need to enter any extra information manually. 

Now, most of that hassle is taken out, and most of the values hardcore players want to learn aout in each appraisal are now built into the conventional system. 

Visible IVs

The IVs or Individual Values of a stat shows how good the Pokémon is in each category - Attack, Defense, and HP or health. Pokémon Go already simplified this down into those three basic stats from a bigger pool in the main games, but now they are shown during the appraisals

Before this update, if a player wanted to learn how good their Pokémon was in each IV, they would either need to download one of the aforementioned third-party apps or memorize things team leaders say during the process. Depending on which team you play for in-game, the leader’s of said teams say particular phrases that would tell players what IV values would be for their Pokémon

Pokemon Go Appraisal

Now, IVs are displayed in simple, three-piece progress bars that will fill up depending on how good the Pokémon is in each stat. Each bar runs from zero to 15, with each segment representing a stat total of five. 

If a Pokémon has a full 15 in each stat, that means it has perfect IVs and maxed out stats. 

Star Rating System

Along with the addition of IV stat bars, there is also a new Star Rating that will let trainers know how close to “perfect” their appraised Pokémon are. A perfect rated Pokémon is the best of that species a player can have and has the highest upside if it is maxed out through training. 

The Star Rating goes from zero stars to three stars, and if players get a three-star appraisal with a red background, that Pokémon is the one you want to train. That red background essentially means that the Pokémon’s CP or Combat Power will be the highest that species can achieve. 

That has no bearing on the moveset or anything else outside of stats that might make the Pokémon less viable in certain situations, but it does show the potential of that creature. 

The new system only starts giving stars when a Pokémon’s IV percentage reaches above 50 percent. It hits two stars between 66 to 80 percent, three stars with an orange background at 81 to 99 percent, and that red background only appears when a Pokémon is genuinely 100 percent perfect. 

Extra IV related features

The new appraisal system is highlighted by two extra features that fix so many other problems that players had with the previous system. 

Instead of being forced to complete one appraisal, back out of the Pokémon and then select their next target, players can now easily swipe between Pokémon and do appraisals quickly in one sitting. This removes a big hassle and eliminates so much unnecessary menu navigation that will improve the experience immensely. 

Not only that, but the search function can now be used to search for Pokémon based on their star ranking. This will make sure players can keep all of their highly appraised Pokémon without having to mark each one or find another workaround to make mass transferring easier. 

This new appraisal system is rolling out now to users on Android and other mobile platforms along with other changes in the Pokémon GO version 0.149.0 update. Things like a repositioned attack button and Team Rocket’s inclusion in the game are also being added.

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