The Best Minecraft Modpacks

Best Minecraft Modpacks

Minecraft is one of those games with nearly unlimited content, and nothing represents that more than the thriving mod community for it. There’s a mod for almost everything out there, but it can be kind of annoying to install each mod you want piecemeal. That’s where modpacks come in. There's a pack out there for everyone, the same as there's an individual mod for everything. Tech mods, space travel, magic (some of my favorites), monsters, quests, and RPG elements, even anime-themed mods that are often quite well detailed (though sadly I can't find a good modpack that includes my favorite one, Mine Mine no Mi).

This is a small selection of cool ones I’ve tried out for at least a bit of time.

Best Minecraft Modpacks

SevTech Ages

A technical, highly progression based mudpack. For some, it could be tedious, but it includes a lot of exciting toys to play around with and is great for those who miss the old Tekkit days but want something more advanced and in-depth for the modern Minecrafter.

Advanced Wizardry

At the other end of the tech, the spectrum is Advanced Wizardry, but it almost runs directly into Clarke’s Law: any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, specifically the corollary to that (the opposite is also true).

You hit similar ends to in-depth tech mods by the end of this modpack’s progression, with a more magical flare. What, in the end, is the difference between a conveyor belt staffed by robots and a magical material fabricator ferried along by golems?

FTB Academy

This is an amazing mod for those new to the modding scene (or returning from a long absence, as I found myself last year). It walks through how to use and what the purpose is of a lot of the most common mods (which many modpacks include as a matter of course, like NotEnoughItems).

This is a great resource, as well as a solid modpack in its own right.


One of the many anime-themed mods for Minecraft, Dragon Block C, is one of the more in-depth and interesting ones. While immensely grindy (and completely invalidates most base game content and difficulty), it is an incredibly fun power fantasy mod, now with a nice modpack to bolster it up and make it easy to play around with.

FTB MageQuest

Another great magic modpack, albeit one that hasn’t been updated in years. Still, it’s a great pack and includes a lot of fun elements instead of hyper-focusing on the progression aspects of magic like Advanced Wizardry does.

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

A fun questing and RPG mod that adds external goals to Minecraft rather than only providing the internally focused ones the base game requires you to come up with. I’m a sucker for mods that add new dungeons and stuff, so this is right up my alley, even if it lacks a bit in the RPG elements, in my opinion.

All The Mods 3

If you’re the kind of player who wants pretty much everything to play around with at once, this is a good jack-of-all-trades modpack that provides somewhat of a Vanilla+ experience. Nothing fundamentally changes the gameplay loop; it just adds more toys to your sandbox to play with, which is perfectly fine.

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