Why Batman: Arkham City Looks The Sexiest ?

 Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is a great new game that has recently been released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with a PC edition being released towards the end of November. Already Batman: Arkham City is rivaling other top games such as the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Battlefield 3. Why? Because, simply put, it is one of the sexiest looking games that you can find today.

Batman: Arkham City

Arkham City

The first title in the Batman video game franchise was set in Arkham Asylum, a dark, frightening place that held us captive for hours on end. This sequel was set in a larger world, that of Arkham City, allowing for much more variety and small details. But Arkham City was nothing short of amazing for a variety of reasons. It is a dark, gritty world that we are dropped into. One that is ripe with villians and calls for a hero. We are in Batman’s world. We understand now the people he deals with, the challenges he faces, and why he’s driven to save this dark, beautiful world from those that seek to wreak havoc and despair upon it.

Batman: Arkham City

A Dark World

The style of the game is distinct, not the bright colorful cities seen in games such as the Saints Row franchise nor the more realistic cities portrayed in games like Grand Theft Auto. This is the world of Batman, a world steeped in the crime of deranged, frightening criminals that leave a path of terror and destruction in their wake. The city itself is dark yet beautiful, a mixture of the alluringness of evil but with a mysterious air that keeps you hooked, always wanting to search just a little bit further and discover a new area, find a new location of equal brilliance of the others.

It is a night time city that we are dropped into. The sky is dark, clouds shift against which the Batsign can be seen glowing in splendor, calling our hero once again to battle the forces of darkness. Lights shine from upper windows sending light streaming down into the streets below. The moon hangs in the sky, large, illuminating a light all its own. We understand now why Batman rules the night. It is as beautiful as it is frightening.

Arkham City in Dark

The Characters: Good, Evil and In Between

Character design was at its best in the making of Batman: Arkham City. Each character, whether good, evil or somewhere in between, was perfectly rendered. Facial features, clothing, dialog and even body language all fit the character’s attitude and actions within the game perfectly. Favorite canon characters such as Catwoman and Batman himself are nothing short of what we have always imagined them to be. Dark, alluring yet with an evil streak that can’t be ignored, Catwoman has everything that her on screen counterparts have lacked. Batman is stoic, heroic and yet dark in his own right, a loner set out to do the right thing, even if it kills him or sucks him into the world of monsters himself.

Batman: Arkham City Characters

Life on the Rooftops

There are many times when Batman is seen on the rooftops looking down on the city of Arkham, patrolling the streets with a hawk’s eye. It is times like these that we see the true dark beauty of the world, the times when we can’t ignore that Batman: Arkham City is the sexiest game we’ve ever seen. High rise towers stretch up into the sky, disappearing amongst smog and clouds. This isn’t the cookie cutter rooftop view that has been used and reused in other games. Each building has its own architecture, making the city more varied and realistic. It is easy to see the growth of the world, older buildings now dwarfed by the larger ones, the moon peeking out from behind the skyscrapers of the Arkham world.

Batman: Arkham City Roof

Batman: Arkham City is the sexiest game available. The world has all of the dark mysterious beauty that we would expect and crave from another title in the Batman video game franchise. This game is a legacy in the making, something that all comic book based games should strive match. The characters are designed in ways which would make their original creators, hardcore fans of the comics and movies, and fans of the video games themselves all proud, wishing that every video game production studio took the time and care to do the same to their own games. It is the world itself though that leaves us wishing that our own world was the same, that we could only step through the screen and spend a single day in Arkham, despite the evil that plagues the streets like a deadly virus. After all, Batman is there, always ready to protect the innocent from evil.

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