Top 5 Mods to make Skyrim Better


Mods have always been prevalent wherever there are games. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of game it is, if you look hard enough you will find a mod, and probably a pretty good one at that. But it is the RPG that mods seem to be best suited for. Some add new characters, change graphics, or add more quests and other content. The Elder Scrolls have long been fans of modders. Morrowind had many mods made for it. Oblivion had even more, some adding hours of gameplay to the original, others updating the graphics to be equal to that of Skyrim. Skyrim hasn’t been out long, but it already has some very creative talent making some amazing mods. Let’s take a look.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim 4GB

This is an incredibly useful mod, especially if you plan on downloading many more mods to enhance in game features such as graphics. Like many other games by Bethseda, Skyrim uses only 2GB of RAM no matter how much you may actually have. This mod rectifies this, allowing Skyrim to recognize and use all of the RAM on your system. But what does this actually do? Well, for starters, it will make Skyrim run smoother in general. The amount of times the game crashes will be reduced. Skyrim will also be able to make better use of your systems capabilities, allowing you to run graphics at the highest possible settings with the lowest chance of the game crashing or running incredibly slowly.

Detailed Faces

One of the many elements in an RPG that always receives the most criticism is the amount and quality of the detail. After all, if you are to be living in a fantasy world, going on epic quests to defeat terrible evils, it had to be believable. Perhaps the more readily distinguishable ways in which this is accomplished is in the details of the world, the buildings and landscape. However, it is the people that really make the world believable. So what can be better than a mod that makes the people of Skyrim look more real?

Skyrim detailed faces Mod

This mod makes the characters in Skyrim look and feel more real. The faces of the characters are enhanced, making them looking more like real people than ever before. Wrinkles, scars, cuts, bruises, even the way light shines off of skin is given much more detail and realistic qualities. This mod works mainly for the human races – the Imperials, Nords, Bretons, and Redguards – as well as the elves – Dark Elves, High Elves and Wood Elves – and Orcs. Their skin is flawless, imperfections more like personal attributes than smudges of dirt or flaws of the graphic designer. This mod was created by Xenius and is a fantastic addition to Skyrim.

Skyrim HD

We already looked at the top mod for characters, now let’s take a look at the top mod for general graphics and textures. The more detailed and beautiful the world the easier it is to become completely enraptured in it. The snowy landscape of Skyrim is as beautiful as it is magical. The only thing that could make it even more gorgeous than it already is, is the Skyrim HD mod by NebuLa. This mod is done in the same vein as that of Quarl’s Texture Mod for Skyrim’s predecessor, Oblivion, enhancing overall graphics for the game. Everything from textures to color quality has gotten a significant boost. The mod is still a work in progress and is being updated regularly. So far the cities of Windhelm and Whiterun have gotten major updates with great additions for a long list of other places and objects that grows almost daily.

Skyrim HD Mod screen

If you use this mod you may want to think about using the Skyrim 4GB mod as well as these two go hand in hand. What’s the point in updating your overall graphics if you aren’t able to use enough RAM to have Skyrim run properly anyway? Remember to check for frequent updates as well, as you’ll notice the difference in graphic quality from place to place very quickly.

Simple Borderless Window

You may be wondering why this is on the best mod list and I’ll tell you why. Many people today need to tab in an out windows. Between staying on top of important emails that may be coming in, trying to get classwork done and maybe sneaking in a couple minutes of gameplay when your definitely supposed to be pretending to be doing something else can get very difficult with Skyrim. Both Skyrim and Oblivion seem to hate being ALT + Tabed out of. Why? Who knows. Perhaps Bethseda simply wants us to pay attention to the Elder Scrolls and only Elder Scrolls. And while most of us would be more than happy to do just that, we just don’t always have that luxury. This mod does exactly what it promises. All it does is window Skyrim. The window itself is borderless, allowing for the maximum amount playable area. This mod is done by Liddo.

Skyrim Simple Borderless screen

Antialias and Sharpen Effects

Maybe you want better graphics but don’t necessarily want to change all of the beautiful graphics that Skyrim naturally comes with? This mod is for you then. Install this mod and have greater freedom over Antialiasing and Sharpening effects. Textures and graphics will take on new life, looking more real and detailed than ever before. With this mod you can experience an incredibly realistic Skyrim that is still true to the original intent of its designers, but still look and feel better than ever before. This is another mod that would be perfectly coupled with the Skyrim 4GB mod to ensure the game runs at top performance without any glitches or crashes.

Antialias and Sharpen Effects Skyrim Mod

These are some of the best of the best mods for Skyrim out today. New mods are coming out on a constant basis so make sure to stay on top of mod releases as you can be sure more great stuff will be rolling out in no time. This list is the place to start, though. Take a look at some of these mods and more to make your Skyrim experience as individual and fantastic as possible.

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