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Don't Worry - Consoles Won't Disappear By 2020, Here's Why

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Michael Pachter Prediction On Consoles Future In 2020

Here's why I don't agree with the latest Michael Pachter's prediction of consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) disappearing by 2020. PlayStation, Xbox One, and Nintendo consoles are here to stay for a long long time.

Project Scorpio: 3 Important Things Microsoft Should Do To Avoid Xbox One Like Failure

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Project Scorpio - Mistakes Microsoft Should Not Make

What Microsoft should do for Project Scorpio to avoid Xbox One like failure? To make Project Scorpio a worthy purchase for consumers Microsoft should concentrate on "bringing on more GAMES, keeping the Price $399".

Don't you think Nier Automata has the league of ugliest robots

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Nier Automata Robots

Talking about pure slicing robots game, we have a few bunch of them released past years and followed by this year's popular title The Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Nier Automata - Why 26 Endings Seems Too Much And Annoying To Me

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Nier Autoamta All Endings

Neir Automata surprisingly has around 26 endings, arranged from Alphabet A to Z.

6 Must Buy AAA Games Of March 2017

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Best AAA Games To Buy In March 2017

Nintendo Switch is releasing in March 2017, along with a lot of interesting AAA games. Here is a list of 6 must buy AAA games of March 2017.

Horizon Zero Dawn Ending Mystery: What Happen To Sylen?

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Horizon Zero Dawn Ending Mystery

Horizon Zero Dawn occurs in a far-away future past destruction of human race by Faro Robots, premeditated for peace.

$1000 Best Budget Gaming PC For 2017

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Budget Gaming PC For $1000 - 2017 Edition

Our second article in the Budget Gaming PC 2017 series. This time around we build a Gaming PC Specs for $1000.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Closed Beta Impressions: Feels Refreshing

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Tom Clancy's Ghosts Recon Wildlands

We got a chance to try of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands (via closed beta). The game feels refreshing right from the start, took some inspiration from The Division like character appearance and other things.

5 Must Buy AAA Games In February 2017

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Best AAA To Buy In February 2017

With respect to gaming, February 2017 is not a dull month. Here is a list of 5 Best AAA every gamer must buy in February 2017. Some big first-party exclusive (from Sony and Microsoft) releasing in February 2017

For Honor Closed Beta Impression: Battle Booked For Valentine's Day

Rameez Joya Add Comment
For Honor Closed Beta Verdict

For Honor closed beta was a enjoyable experience. All my worries about the game being buggy and broken was erased, gameplay was satisfying, winning the battle gave a pleasant feel, and felt hurt for the loss.

$500 Gaming PC For 2017 - Gaming On A Budget

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$500 Budget Gaming PC - 2017

Want to build a Gaming PC for a budget of $500 in 2017 which will run the latest games at a decent resolution and Frame-Rate?

ZOTAC VR Go Hands-On: Concept Made Reality

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Zotac VR Go Preview

Meet Zotac VR Go, the first of its kind set-up that offers VR experience on the Go, and got the "Backpack" concept correctly.

10 Best Xbox One Exclusive To Look Forward To In 2017

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10 Best Xbox One Exclusive In 2017

2017 is off to a sad start for Xbox fans, Scalebound has been canceled, but all is still not lost for them. Here is a list of 10 Best Xbox One exclusive games scheduled to launch in 2017.

6 Games You Must Buy In January 2017 For PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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Digimon World Next Order: Best Game To Buy In January 2017

This feature lists Top 6 Games every gamers must buy in January 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

8 Amazing Co-op And Free Roam Multiplayer Games To Look Forward To In 2017

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8 Best Co-op Games Releasing In 2017

There are lot of Co-op games scheduled to release in 2017. Here is our list of 8 Amazing co-op and Free Roam multiplayer games that players must look forward in 2017.

Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour Demo Impressions

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Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour Demo Impressions

Resident Evil: The Beginning Hour Teaser was out last year and now I got a chance to go t