10 Best Xbox One Exclusive To Look Forward To In 2016

Battlefield 4 Operation Locker

A few days ago we discussed the most interesting exclusive games coming to PlayStation 4, noting those are really many and apparently capable to make the console’s portfolio finally a good one in comparison with 2015’s. Now it is time for us to talk about Xbox One, which is going to face the even bigger challenge to maintain the high level of first party and exclusive titles it was able to delibera this year. Are Microsoft’s effort good enough to do it? Let’s take a look.

Xbox One Games To Look Forward To In 2016


Coming almost as a surprise a couple years ago from Platinum Games, Scalebound has been re-revealed at Gamescom 2015 with a first look at the gameplay that made Xbox fans fall in love all over again. Now the creators of Bayonetta and Vanquish have to be really careful and keen to deliver the huge and rich action role playing game people are expecting Scalebound to be, filling its world with dragons and magic, and… well, maybe other dragons? Expectations are very high, as we said.

Quantum Break

Talking about expectations, Quantum Break is really the one Xbox users don’t e any to be disappointed by next year. Releasing in April, the new action game from Remedy features amazing graphics that promise to max Xbox One hardware out and even a TV series exploring the world of the story’s villains. Popular actor Shawn Ashmore was recently revealed as the protagonist of Quantum Break and this makes all but letting our hype down – in Sam Lake we trust so we’re definitely ready to see and play more from the pen that wrote Alan Wake and Max Payne.

Halo Wars 2

Another surprise coming from the last Gamescom, Halo Wars 2, the second chapter in the acclaimed real time strategy franchise, is coming next year as a Microsoft first party game for Xbox One. Total War’s developer The Creative Assembly will step in replacing the now dead Ensemble Studios and will cooperate with 343 Industries to deliver the perfect and most coherent Halo RTS possible – really, were you, hoping for something more looking forward to this sequel?

Gears of War 4

After Gears of War Ultimate Edition made us all remember what Gears of War is about, we are ready to join the army and embrace our Lancer rifle once again to save the universe one more time. Gears 4 is the first new game in the series to be handled by the Microsoft first party software house The Coalition (formerly known as Black Tusk Studios) and will feature two brand new protagonist and a darker tone recalling the rainy, night Gears of War level set out of the Emulsion plant.

Crackdown 3

One of the favorite Phil Spencer’s Xbox franchise, Crackdown is ready to debut on Microsoft current gen system thanks to a new team handled by the series veteran Dave Jones. As usual Crackdown 3 will try to surprise people with some kind of over the top feature, like the cloud based multiplayer that will alliw you to completely destroy building and entire portions of maps in real time. You can bet on this to be among the most fun experiences s you will have in gaming next year.


Studio MDHR’s Cuphead is without any doubt one of the best looking game you will put your eyes on in a long time. Coming from a couple of Canadian brothers, the title, a run and gun platform, features a 1930s cartoons visual style and a story you’ll be really curious to hear about. Cuphead, the titular protagonist, has a debt to repay to the Devil himself and that’s the reason why he has to beat a series of lethal bosses. The game, releasing in 2016 for Xbox One and Windows PC, reflects that degree of challenge offering complex platforming and a difficulty level superior than the already hard to beat Ori and the Blind Forest. A real gem.


Announced at E3 2015, ReCore is another surprise being held tight by Microsoft for a couple of years so, while we won’t bet on a 2016 launch, it isn’t so unlikely for it to release already next year. The game is being worked on thanks to a partnership between the former Capcom producer and Mighty No. 9 creator Keiji Inafune and Armature Studio, the team behind the successful Metroid Prime sub-series. We haven’t seen it in action already but, looking at the CGI trailer displayed at last E3, ReCore seems to be pretty promising. It features a female protagonist in a robotic and desertic post apocalyptic world, where you need to use remnants of an old technology to progress through the story. We’ll have more details next year, hopefully with a release date.

Sea of Thieves

Rare is back to the drawing board, finally free from Kinect and able to experience something new and different from minigames collections or motion based silly stuff. Sea of Thieves is their first effort. This is a pirate themed multiplayer online RPG where, more similarly to Destiny rather than World of Warcraft, you can explore a huge world together with three friends of yours and loot whatever you can. It looks pretty good and we ultimately hope it doesn’t get delayed to 2017.

Fable Legends

Fable means Xbox to a lot of people out there so when Peter Molyneux left Lionhead Studios and the British software house said it didn’t know what’s coming next for the franchise, many were very afraid of the future. Then, Fable Legends happened. Fable Legends is a free to play title, and that disappointed many gamers out there, which has proved good through a series of alpha and beta tests still on the road. The game was slated to release in the second half of 2015 and was only recently delayed, but we hope to see it arrive in the first few months of next year together with a good rate of add-ons coming later in 2016.


When you manage to create such an influential title like Limbo, you are sure your next game will be one of those people will look forward to for years. Playdead’s Dino Patti knows that, and also knows that it has to do something really special if he wants to replicate that kind of success. He will try and deliver it with Inside, which, just like Limbo did with Xbox 360, is going to release first on Xbox One and (maybe?) on other platforms in a later launch window. What do we know about the game? Almost nothing: it was supposed to release in the second half of 2015 and was quietly delayed to next year, and it will retain Limbo’s dark tone for another “horror-like” survival and solitude experience. Our expectations’ bar is set really high for this.