10 Best Xbox One Exclusive To Look Forward To In 2017

 10 Best Xbox One Exclusive To Look Forward To In 2017

The Console war is still ON and with consoles becoming more powerful and high-end PCs, the race to the top is becoming further more interesting. The Xbox One had a bumpy launch, but it’s catching up fast with its’ rivals fast. Now, with the upcoming Xbox One S, with it’s free HDR feature, the XB1 is starting defeating the PS4 in some areas. 2016 was a good year for the Xbox One, now let’s see what 2017 holds for all the Xbox One users.

10 Best Xbox One Exclusive Of 2017

Here is our compilation of best and the most exciting upcoming Xbox One exclusives.

Halo Wars 2

An RTS game set in the Halo universe, that should be enough to convince anyone that this game would be good. The first installment in the franchise was a really great game but somewhat underrated and a sequel to that was much needed. Halo Wars 2 takes place 28 years after the events of Halo Wars 1. Unlike the Halo Wars, which lead to the first Halo game, Halo Wars 2 is set after Halo 5 Guardians, sort of acts like a sequel. The game has amazing visuals and a well-appreciated Beta, the game looks promising and is a must play for any Halo fan.

State of Decay 2

The Ultimate survival experience. The first installment, State of Decay proved it. And a sequel to that was much awaited and we are finally getting a release in the year 2017. For anyone who doesn’t know about the game, watching the trailer of State of Decay 2 would answer questions and clear your doubts about the game. The game is so designed that it would make you feel helpless against hordes of zombies and you have to use the environment around you to your advantage as firepower won’t be enough.

Crackdown 3

The much awaited sequel to the sandbox-styled shooter will finally be released in this year after a long gap of 7 years. Much like it’s predecessors the game will feature open world, with 100% destructible environment and sandbox action. With it’s new Unreal 4 engine, it is said to run at native 4k on the new Xbox One Scorpio. From what we know about the game till now is that, it will be a sequel to the first game, not the 2nd game and will be set in an alternate timeline as compared to Crackdown 2.


A game announced at E3 2013, finally getting released this year. And so far it looks pretty promising. Below has beautiful graphics, and art style. It some what gives the vibes of Ori and the Blind forest, but in a top-down view. Along with beautiful graphics, the music is very refreshing. The game levels and boss battles are very different from other games in this genre and if you want to experience something different on you Xbox then this game is a must.


An action platformer which feels like it’s a cartoon from the 80’s, with fast paced action and what can be better than that? The graphics are a perfect replication of the cartoon graphics of the 80’s. You make a deal with the devil and loose, and that sets you on a path of doing the devil’s dirty work. With a large variety of boss fights and enemies, and level designs which are vastly different from each other, the game makes sure that it doesn’t feel repetitive. This is a must play for the cartoon lovers or any platformer gamers.

Sea of Thieves

What Black Flag failed this game accomplished it, that is multiplayer pirate ship battles in the Caribbean. The game has actual ship damage and repair system. If your ship takes damage from a side, then it will start sinking from that side only, if you do not repair it. Not only the gameplay looks interesting from the trailer, but the graphics are also really cool. So, get ready to hop on to your ship and kill some pirates this year.

Thimbleweed Park

A nostalgic ride for the retro gamer. Thimbleweed park is designed just like a game from the early 90’s. A point and click adventure game with a dark tone. In the city of Thimbleweed, which once a sprawling tourist location for the rich, is now a ghost town, cursed with black magic and you need to investigate and stop the evil spirits. From the looks of the trailer, the game seems to have a well established narrative and looks promising.


You enter an abandoned space station, alone, you are sent there to investigate what happened to the crew. Slowly as you progress through, you uncover what happened via the recorded messages of the missing crew members. The game has good graphics, not the best but still is pretty good and is comparable to AAA titles. The game environment always has a suspense with its intense background music, which sure makes the game more interesting.


Beautiful and unique clay model type painted graphics which looks absolutely stunning. From the trailer, the world design and art style is gorgeous. You play as a wanderer who is search for a place to call home. In the giant open world and non- linear progression, you will face gigantic creatures, some friendly and some not so. You have to find your way and make to the fading light at the end of the tunnel by any means necessary.


A multiplayer MMORPG. The thing that is different about that it is a third person game. A slightly different approach to the MMORPG genre, with its third person gameplay and hero based character selection. The game has cartoonish graphics and really good, fast paced gameplay. Honestly, it looks like Overwatch in thrid person, but that isn’t a bad thing. From the trailer it looks to be a game which is a lot of fun.