10 Incredible Video Game Fan Films That Will Blow Your Mind

Video games have stirred up quite a bit of creativity. So much so that some fans even went as far as making fan films of their favorite video game titles. Some of these fan films get released online while others get the boot from rightful IP owners. We compiled a list of our personal favorite video game fan film and series. Some of these look so professionally done, it surprised us how creative some fans were able to get. Take a look at the videos down below and if you know of a good video game fan film then let us know down in the comment section below.

The Last of Us Fan Film

Human Revolution, Game Based: Deus Ex Human Revolution, Creator: Moe Charif

Based off the video game Deus Ex Human Revolution, director Moe Charif focuses on one key aspect from the game. Adam Jensen works in the security department of Sarif Industries, a company known for their advancements in human augmentations. Adam’s ex girlfriend Megan Reed, a scientist for Serif Industries, gets picked up by a secret organization and forced to work on a particular project. The story revolves around Adam Jensen as he attempts to track down Megan and an enemy he didn’t account for.

Hell of a DayZ, Game Based: DayZ, Creator: Forgehouse Films

This is a relatively short fan film based off the video game DayZ. Because it’s so short, the film focuses more on the most dangerous predator in the zombie filled world, man. Featuring two men as they live day-to-day, we realize that zombies really are not the biggest threat but the conflict of others trying to survive what’s left of a corrupt world.

Portal: No Escape, Game Based: Portal, Creator: Dan Trachtenberg

This is a more literal fan film of a video game. Portal: No Escape features a story of a woman who wakes up in a cell with no memory of how she got there or who she even is. Quickly she discovers a Portal Gun which she uses to try and escape the facility before once again captured and brought back to her prison.

The Last of Us, Game Based: The Last of Us, Creator: Iron Horse Cinema Productions

This is another fan film that follows closely to the original story of The Last of Us. For those unaware, the story follows two key characters, Joel and Ellie. The world is currently in shambles after a fungus virus outbreak has claimed so many lives and turned them into zombie like creatures. Our little fan film here follows the two in the hostile world and the trials they must go through. Furthermore, the film has received a sequel by the same creator, Iron Horse Cinema Productions.

Dying Light Parkour POV, Game Based: Dying Light, Creator: Ampisound

A very short fan film that only runs about three minutes long and is based around Dying Light is pure fun. The video captures what players go through in the Dying Light video game but all in a POV style giving viewers the feel as if they are the ones in danger. From excellent parkour jumps, leaps, climbs to even close calls from zombies, this is one fan film you’ll want to watch.

Silent Hill: Anniversary, Game Based: Silent Hill 2, Creator: Jay Ness

Silent Hill 2 is one of the more popular Silent Hill video game installments for the franchise. This fan film goes over a brief story capture of James Sunderland as he enters the town of Silent Hill. Much to his surprise the town which believed to hold his deceased wife actually turns into a hellish world. James faces supernatural events and creatures but can he overcome them to find his wife?

Halo: The Fallen, Game Based: Halo, Creator: Halo The Fallen

Halo: The Fallen is an upcoming fan film based around the Halo series. Not too much is known about the upcoming film as it’s still currently in the works. What we do know is that the film looks to be based around the first Halo video game and the struggle human soldiers are having with the Covenant Empire. Take a look at the latest teaser shown for the upcoming film.

Skyrim: Into the Void, Game Based: Skyrim, Creator: Warialasky

Skyrim is a huge video game with several campaigns and quests to go through. Because it’s so massive, there’s a wide range of different aspects a fan film could take. Skyrim: Into the Void covers the story of the Dovahkiin who is cursed by a vampire. The Dark Brotherhood uses this to their advantage in which they request aid from the Dovahkiin in hopes they can save a key member of their group. In return, The Dark Bortherhood Promises a cure.

The Brothers Rapture, Game Based: BioShock, Creator: Shaun Rykiss

The Brothers Rapture takes place before the events of BioShock. This fan film focuses on two brothers as they find that there are limits and boundaries of science. Witness what some of the life was like before the Rapture collapsed and players started to roam the halls in the first BioShock video game.

Fallout Nuka Break, Game Based: Fallout, Creator: Wayside Creations

If you enjoyed the Fallout video game series then Fallout Nuka Break is a must watch. The film goes over a small group, one member of which comes from his unique vault. This group struggles to live in a desolate world while meeting new characters along the way. Fallout Nuka Break became so popular that the creators went on to make a full series containing seasons of online episodes.