$1000 Best Budget Gaming PC For 2017


2016 has been a wonderful year for gamers (and 2017 also started on the same note), the prices of high-end gaming gear went down, thanks to the advancement in technology, VR was finally made available to the consumers and finally a lot of AAA games to play. And to play all those VR games and AAA titles maxed out on a 2K screen you need a pretty beefy PC, therefore we bring you our no compromise Gaming PC build for 2017.

Budget Gaming PC For 000 - 2017 Edition

The Case/Cabinet – Corsair Carbide SPEC ALPHA Mid Tower case.- 80$

The case just looks awesome. With its edgy design, windowed side panel and an eye-catching front grille design, the case is very hard to say no to. But, looks are nothing if the interior didn’t hold up. The case provides you ample space for liquid cooling and mounting radiators. The cable management space on the back of the motherboard mount is large enough to fit all 3 the cables. To further makes the installation of cables simple, the case is completely tool-less. And what’s better than that?


The Motherboard – The MSI Intel Skylake B150-79.99$

For a 1000$ build, the motherboard is perfect. The looks and color scheme of the motherboard is not that flashy but is really good for open window PC builds. It also has USB 3.1 support and 2 PCIE 16x Gen 3 for the best graphics performance. As there are 2 PCIE slots you can SLI another GPU in the future. The motherboard has an LGA1151 socket, therefore it provides room for future upgrades as it can support the high-end Core i7s also. The MoBo provides a small headroom for overclocking as well.


The Processor – 115$ Intel Core i5 6600

The processor is a Core i5, this processor is not to be underestimated. Though the clock speed is 3.2Ghz, the CPU is very powerful and beats higher clocked counterparts. The CPU will rock the latest AAA titles without any bottlenecks. If you are an Overclock geek and want to overclock anything then you might try over-clocking this non-K CPU from Intel. The CPU with some mild hacks can be overclocked to 3.4-3.6Ghz, but I don’t recommend doing it if you are not familiar with overclocking. Keeping the OC fact aside, the CPU is an absolute powerhouse for running all the latest games.


The GPU/ Graphics Card – Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 G1 gaming OC 8GB-200$

1070, graphics card which beats 2015’s flagship card the 980ti. Moreover, the price is also lower than a 980, therefore a build like this 1070 is perfect. Play any AAA title on 4k at max settings and this card won’t even finch a little.


RAM – 2 x Kingston Technology HyperX FURY 2666MHz DDR4

The prices of DDR4 RAMs are going down, but the performance remains the same. For a 1000$ build you can go for any RAM you want, but as a personal preference, I would choose

the trusty 16Gb HyperX series RAM.


The Storage Device – Seagate 2TB BarraCuda

2TB of fast storage, every gamer’s dream. This much storage is enough for all the Blu-ray movies and the latest games. 2Tb is future proof as well, because of the ever-increasing size of new games, having a lot of storage future proofs your PC.


Kingston Digital 120GB SSD

A high-end gaming PC is not complete without an SSD. A 120Gb SSD can’t be used for string games but it can be used as the Boot drive I.e you will install the OS on the SSD for super fast computing.


PSU – Power Supply Unit – EVGA 600 B1- 49.99$

The PSU or sometimes known as SMPS is one of the essential parts of the PC when longevity is concerned. Because the PSU supplies the current to the components( obviously) and the amount of noise and fluctuations in the current during varying load conditions matters a lot. The EVGA B1 is an 80 Plus Bronze rated PSU which is perfect for any gaming PC. You can always get a better rated Gold rated or Platinum rated PSU but, would it be necessary? I don’t think so. The EVGA 600 B1 is a wise choice.


Below you will find a direct Buy Link of all the above products (AMAZON). Also take a look at our other feature article in the Budget Gaming PC for $500.