3 Most Overhyped Games of 2014 So Far, Expected To Be Groundbreaking But Fell Flat On Its Face

 3 Most Overhyped Games of 2014 So Far, Expected To Be Groundbreaking But Fell Flat On Its Face

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Time never stops for anyone and its true, we’re already halfway through 2014. The crazy hype of E3 2014 and all those surprising announcements have died down and gaming community’s focus has moved towards upcoming games for Fall 2014, Holiday 2014 and 2015 line-ups, but let’s take a look back to see what has really happened in the past six months. We have witnessed that, few games have performed better than our expectations but on the other hand, there are few games which were expected to be just ground-breaking but fell flat on their faces. Here are the Three Most Hyped Games of 2014 so far which didn’t come out as expected:

1: TitanFall


From backend, TitanFall just had got the perfect ingredients to be a fantastic leap for next-gen, for example, developers who gave the gaming world “Call of Duty” franchise, Electronic Arts as Publisher and the support of Microsoft to make it one of the reason to buy Xbox One, so the hype was set: Expecting it to be “A Next-big thing” in multiplayer gaming, some media outlets were not surprising. But in the end it’s the opinion of the gamers which matters the most and which is “TitanFall is the great game, but not exactly an Innovative Experience. Many were pitching it as: “I expected this game to be more than Call of Duty with mechs, and which came out to be true. Respawn Entertainment executed concept of mechs very well but it was not revolutionary at all.”

TitanFall is definitely one of the most overhyped title (expected to be a Call of Duty series killer, revive first person shooting genre and some other unrealistic things which never happened before) but fell well short of its expected target.

2: Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

The first look of Watch Dogs was unveiled at E3 2012 and was followed by another astonishing showcasing at E3 2013. The hype just went beyond limits. People started calling it as a top competitor of Grand Theft Auto V. The first major downfall of Watch Dogs happened just a week before its official release, Ubisoft delayed the game until 2015 and cited reason as development team needs more time to polish the game. This reason didn’t go down too well with the fans, as they questioned: Did a game that looked astonishing at E3 2012/13 needed polishing? In May 2014, Ubisoft re-revealed Watch Dogs but it was not the game which fans saw at E3 2012/13 instead of polishing, graphics/visuals received massive downgrades.

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, a game that initially looked promising and was all confirmed to be one of the Next-big thing in a open world genre (which was and still is dominated by GTA series) fell flat on it’s face.

3: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

The first controversy that hit Metal Gear Solid V: The Ground Zeroes was its gameplay length, GameInformer revealed that it can be completed in less than two hours. Initially no one from Konami or Kojima Productions admitted this, but after game’s reviews started to arrive, more fans faced some more unhappy news. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes turned out to be a glorified demo, it looked amazing but was too short considering the price tag it carried, plus ton of gameplay aspects were actually missing as players spent more time watching the Ending than being able to play the mission. But good news for Metal Gear Solid fan base, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain looks like it will correct all these shortcomings.

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