5 Amazing Xbox App Features For Windows 10: Did You Know Them?

Xbox App is among the most awaited and desired features for gaming on Windows 10, and finally here it is in its final form. This app is basically bringing all the features you have on Xbox One on Windows 10 PC and tablet versions, allowing also to stream your games from the console to the computer, in case they are on the same wired or wireless network. Of course this is the greatest features of them all, and it’s not a coincidence that Microsoft is already working on streaming Windows 10 PC games to Xbox One.

Xbox App On Windows 10: Top Five Feature

Stream Xbox One games to Windows 10

Streaming Xbox One games to Windows 10 will allow you to bring the titles you love on the devices you love. Since Windows 10 is working on PC and tablets – soon on smartphones, too – streaming will let you play those games on the computer or even on the tablet, and consider that running certain games nowadays requires an expensive hardware you won’t need anymore.

Xbox Live games, friends list, achievements

This is Xbox Live running at its maximum splendor: you will be able to check live Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, your friends list and achievements without going to the Xbox.com website or turning on your console – it’s just part of the app you will be able to play on Windows 10.

Cross-device voice chat

This also means you can have cross-device voice chat, something Xbox.com of course isn’t able to offer. Just like you would do with Skype, turn on Xbox App, and connect a Windows 10 compatible mic to voice chat with your friends while they’re playing Xbox One games and you sadly don’t have any Xbox Ones available at that moment.

Record, take a screenshot and share

External programs nowadays allow you to record while playing your favorite games, but consider how user friendly Xbox One Game DVR and sharing features are, and you will see it is among the best gaming features for Windows 10. Of course you can also take a screenshot and sharing on the fly with your friends over Xbox Live and social networks.

Cross-device multiplayer

Being a highly requested feature, it doesn’t come as a surprise: Windows 10 Xbox app allows you to play multiplayer games with your friends without caring from what platform are they connected to Xbox Live. This feature will be at its best with the release of cross-platforms games like Fable Legends and Gears of War Ultimate Edition, and we look forward to it.