5 Best Pokemon For Defending Gym in Pokemon GO

 5 Best Pokemon For Defending Gym in Pokemon GO

Capturing and collecting different Pokemons in Pokemon GO is one feature while other is to claim a number of Gym and fight for your Team(Red, Blue, and Yellow). The Gyms are available after Trainer Level 5 where you get to choose the Team and start your main Pokemon Journey. After Claiming the Gym with your Best Attack Pokemon, you need to defend it from the rival Pokemon. This Article will show you 5 best Pokemon you can use to Attack Gym in Pokemon GO.

5 Best Pokemon For Defending Gym

5 Best Defensive Pokemon in Pokemon

As the Gym can have multiple Pokemon Assigned to defend it, you can assign one of your best Pokemon from the list to earn Extra PokeCoins and improve the Gym Prestige. The Higher the Prestige of the Gym the More Pokemon can be assigned to the Gym, thus making it harder to take down by a rival faction. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Best Pokemon Defense List.


First, on our list is a Rare Pokemon which you’ll find hard to get in Pokemon GO. This Cute Dragon type Pokemon has a Strongest CP than the rest of Pokemons. In order to get Dragonite you need 100 Dratini Candies, so you better go and hunt for them in Water Area. Dragonite is so Rare that you won’t find it in 10k Egg as well.

  • Max CP – 3500


Snorlax can be the best Gym Defense Pokemon as we’ve seen and heard a lot from People encountering him early using him in 10k Egg. Do let us know in the comments below if you’ve spotted him in your area and what CP he was when you captured him.

  • Max CP – 3112


Lapras is a dual-type Water/Ice Pokemon and one of my current Favourite. As she cannot be Evolved from any other Pokemon you can completely depend on your Area Luck and the 10k Egg. You can Encounter a good CP Lapras once you are above Trainer Level 25 and Power up to the Max.

  • Max CP – 2980


Vaporeon is evolved from Eevee, but there is a trick in which you can force you Eevee to Evolve into your Choice of Evolution(Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon). From all three Evolution, Vaporeon turns out to be the best Defensive Pokemon with the highest CP value.

  • Max CP – 2816


Gyarados is the evolved version of Magikarp and you must be thinking what makes it the Rarest Pokemon. If you see other Pokemons Info, they require 12, 25, 50 or 100 Candies to Evolve, but to Evolve Magikarp into Gyarados you need 400 Magikarp Candies which makes it the Rare and Not so easy to find Pokemon.

  • Max CP – 2688