5 Biggest Reasons Why Every Xbox Gamers Should Upgrade To Xbox Scorpio

It’s not easy, as of today, to clearly state what are the reasons why you should upgrade to Project Scorpio if you currently have a Xbox One or a PlayStation 4. The announcement delivered at E3 2016 was a bit confused or, at least, not many details about it were actually provided, so what should we expect from this new console apart from an (obvious) upgrade in terms of graphics? Anyway, reasons, why you should buy a Project Scorpio while owning a Xbox One, could actually be Xbox One itself. Many gamers have never fallen in love with the third console from Microsoft, I included, and despite plenty good exclusive games its ever bugged operative system, Kinect 2.0 failure and more are something you can’t forget so easily.

Xbox Scorpio: 5 Reasons Why Every Xbox Gamers Must Upgrade

Let’s take a look, then, at what could possibly push you to go and buy a Project Scorpio console, whatever it will be named like when it releases in Holiday 2017.


I said it, and I’ll say it again: Xbox One operative system, the good old’ dashboard, really sucks. It is meant to do so many things at once but, even after a lot of patches and the Windows 10 upgrade, it still fails to run smoothly and not crash every now and then. Yesterday I was trying to start a simple Twitch streaming, and it took me about 15 minutes to just get the app working without further blocks or anything else (like black screens and more) to start the stream altogether. This is something that’s going on from the very first day I had the Xbox One (which is, I mean, day one) and, even though they undoubtedly tried to make things better, well, they just failed.


Oh, man. Here we go again. Microsoft is already trying to forget and let us all forget about the Kinect double debacle with Xbox One S, that won’t feature a dedicated port but will only be compatible through an USB adaptor (coming free, of course, for those who require it – of course it is free, I mean, who’s going to ask for it if no one uses Kinect anymore). Anyway, with the 1.0 version of this peripheral we all got disappointed with not seeing Molyneux and others’ dream coming true, stuff you can now really only dream about like the Milo & Kate demo, but with the second we were promised much easier things to accomplish, such as a good integration with the Xbox One dashboard and some decent titles taking advantage of it. Now the best thing Microsoft seems to be getting out of Kinect is Cortana, a voice assistant you absolutely don’t need a $100/200 device to run. Come on.

Xbox One Kinect


Project Scorpio will be an open platform when it comes to virtual reality. Microsoft has just said, at E3 2016, it will allow anyone who’s interested in making its device with other platforms other than PC to carry it over the Project Scorpio console. While this statement is something we could read many things into, it is surely a great news for gamers. It basically means Oculus Rift will surely be Xbox-compatible, possibly by next year, since Microsoft and Oculus VR have an ongoing partnership (Xbox One controllers are shipping as part of the Oculus Rift package; Oculus VR’s Carmack was on stage at E3 2016 to demo Minecraft VR, and so on). And who knows what’s next: HTC Vive? Plenty other virtual reality devices are being launched these days, so only the sky is the limit. And PlayStation VR, of course. It won’t ever be compatible with Project Scorpio. Right?

Xbox One: Hololens VR


It was a bit late but, finally, here we go with the graphics. Project Scorpio will deploy 6 teraflops of raw power, meaning it will be able to run native 4K resolution games and virtual reality based titles. Which is something currently generation consoles couldn’t do. Which is amazing. And it’s amazing also considering PC with the same specs wouldn’t run native 4K resolution games, according to Digital Foundry, so there’s some kind of magic in Project Scorpio (we could call it “optimization”), or someone’s clearly lying. Since we’re simple men trusting everything Phil Spencer says because he’s the Xbox boss and our only lord & savior, we’ll go for it anyway. Project Scorpio is a “monster”

Xbox Scorpio Graphics


Well, yes, if you have a Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 you might just be happy with the stuff you’re currently playing. The good thing is now you’re not getting labeled a retrogamer or whatever since Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will still be the core of this generation even after Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo release. At least, this is what Microsoft and Sony keep saying when they talk about their projects, which we could basically call hardware upgrades upon the current gen consoles, despite not knowing what this could mean at all. They will be new consoles but you’re not being left behind, in case you stick to the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. That’s fine. But games we’re buying for Project Scorpio will work on current gen Xbox One? With digital titles Microsoft is working the issue around by launching Xbox Play Anywhere, but what about retail titles? This is going to be something they can have a hard time to talk to people about.