5 Games That You Will Surely Not See At E3 2016: Red Dead Redemption 2, Half Life 3 and more

E3 2016 is going to be a huge event where a lot of games are about to be showcased, we’re pretty sure about that. But it’s also true a lot of much awaited titles are missing in action and won’t probably show up at the Los Angeles event. It’s always hard to discuss about things that are not happening and games that are not being showcased, but we have a pretty good list of top titles we are already regretting about not seeing at all at E3 – this is the where Activision, Disney, Electronic Arts and more are not in the game for the first time in years. Let’s take a look at the list then.

Red Dead Redemption 2


Of course, we are going to include Cyberpunk 2077 in the top 5 games missing at E3 2016. With Blood and Wine releasing on May 31 for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, in fact, CD Projekt RED is surely pretty busy and it takes a lot of time to prepare a proper presentation for such a big game. Moreover, the Polish studio has made it clear it won’t be releasing any information before 2017, so it is highly unlikely we are going to see something new now.

However, the “when it’s ready” philosophy has proven very successful so far, so we really don’t care about waiting one year more. CDPR could be faster and it will, considering there’s a second studio in Krakow handling a part of the development process, but the most important thing here is quality. Take the time you need, guys.


Take-Two Interactive has recently discussed with its investor that Rockstar Games won’t be announcing anything new before 2017, so we’re cutting Red Dead Redemption 2 and all the possible sequels to the much appreciated Rockstar titles out from our list – sorry, men. While Red Dead Redemption 2 keeps being rumored as a possible prequel to the original, beloved game, there’s also much talk about the chances to have the first RDR included anytime soon in the backwards compatibility program for Xbox. At this point we’ll believe it only when Microsoft provides an official statement, as it’s been very long rumored and never happened so far.

Red Dead Redemption 2


Yu Suzuki was pretty clear when Shenmue III was announced at last year’s E3. The game will take a long while to be completed, as there was just a Kickstarter crowdfunding and a concept fueling it back in the days. Now the development process has gone further and the release is surely closer, but we won’t bet about it being launched/demoed before 2017 and even later. So we really shouldn’t wait for it now, and this is another case where we would suggest the CD Projekt RED “when it’s ready” approach, as this is the third game in a much beloved and awaited neverending saga, and everything needs to go right. It will determine the future of the series and of Yu Suzuki as a fan supported director as well.


This is a title that could possibly be in the game at E3 2016, but we don’t believe it will make a full appearance apart from some kind of teaser trailer and information blowout. That’s because Final Fantasy XV will be out in a matter of months and Square Enix really needs to focus on this game if it wants it to be successful in the Western territories. The wait is very huge but, as for Shenmue III, Square is handling a project people really care about and needs to be careful, thoughtful and focused to deliver it as good as possible. The episodic formula it chose is already pretty hard to approach for such kind of game, so they really have to work carefully and with all the time they might need.


Well, sorry guys. Latins said “dulcis in fundo”, and while this could look really obvious, it really isn’t. It’s not like Half-Life 3 won’t be annonced ever and never, or we won’t ever see something coming from Valve anymore like new Portal or Left 4 Dead games. It’s a matter of Valve being huge. It’s a matter of this studio being bigger than anytime that will be showcasing something at E3, even bigger than Microsoft and Sony themselves, in terms of userbase.

What we’re saying here is Valve, or a game like Half-Life 3, doesn’t really belong with E3 anymore and won’t probably be there anytime in the future. You should forget about Gabe Newell being hosted by Sony like it happened with Portal 2 back in the days – he and his company are bigger than that now, they really don’t need to be there.

Half Life 3

With that said, just do it, Gabe. Please. And Portal 3. And Left 4 Dead 3.