5 Pokemon GO Myths and Rumors Players Still Believe

 5 Pokemon GO Myths and Rumors Players Still Believe

Pokemon GO has now grown into a massive phenomenon from the day it launched. Nintendo just released the game without even providing much information, it’s totally up to players to sort everything themselves. This lead to plenty of lies floating around about Pokemon GO and thus we’ll try to debunk these Top 5 Myths we’ve heard so far. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Myths and Rumors for Pokemon GO.

5 Pokemon GO Myths and Rumors

5 Pokemon GO Myths and Rumors

Reclaiming PokeBall

You get free PokeBalls from the near PokeStops, but there are some players who believe that you can reclaim your PokeBall if Screen Freeze or you miss the mark while capturing. The rumor says if you tap the PokeBall after you miss to get them back in your Bag.

Fact: The Truth is, nothing really happens when you tab the PokeBall. It is just the part of the animation where the PokeBall will disappear after 2 seconds. At least you still have PokeStops to refill your Stock.

Eevee Evolution

Eevee Evolution was one of the most interesting Evolution than the rest as you can either get Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon. As per the Rumors, you can see what will Eevee Evolve into depending on their Moveset.

Fact: This is totally Fake and we have discovered that naming your Eevee to Pyro, Sparky and Rainer will help them evolve into any Type of Evolution you want. To know more check our Eevee Evolution Guide.

Nearby Pulse

While exploring the new area you must have noticed the Pokemon Tracker(Nearby Tab) throws Green Pulse. Some Say that it shows you’re walking in the right direction or you have marked the right Pokemon and you need to Stop moving.

Fact: The Nearby Tab throws Green Pulse every time the Tab is refreshed according to the area. Every Pokemon in Pokemon GO has a spawn till and they disappear after a while so the Pokemon Icon on the Upper left corner(Spinning PokeBall) is nothing but the tab getting refreshed.

Day/Night Cycle Affects Pokemon Spawn

The Game uses the Geotagging so the player can catch Pokemons, this makes the Players get out of the office/home and walk around in the real world. We came across this strange and shocking Rumor that thunderstorms Spawn Electric Pokemon and Rains will bring Water Pokemon.

Fact: There is no such thing, Pokemon will appear at the specific spawn location for a specific period. Even the Lure Module or Incense have no control, the Spawn is completely based on geography, not weather or Day/Night cycle. The Ghost Pokemon will appear in Day time as well.

Google Maps to Lower Data Usage

Pokemon GO Players search for the best ways to save their Phone’s battery and Data consumption. One of the rumor says, downloading the Google Maps for your local area will speed up the Load time and save the constant Server crash issue. All you need to do is download Download the Locals maps to use it offline and boost the Pokemon GO experience.

Fact: This is completely false, downloading offline local maps doesn’t boost the game experience nor does it saves data consumption. Pokemon GO hardly consumes 8-10 MP/hour if you continuously use it, so there is no need to download the local maps.