5 PS4/Xbox One Games In 2016 We Have A Bad Feeling About

 5 PS4/Xbox One Games In 2016 We Have A Bad Feeling About

Has it ever happened to you that, after waiting for a lot of months and even years, the game you’ve been expecting so much finally reveals everything but the game you have been waiting for? It has happened a lot of times to us, honestly, and especially during this generation of consoles where titles such as Watch Dogs and more have been crafted like something we didn’t really want, if not poorly.

Quantum Break Might Fail In 2016

While we hope it is something which will end as developers learn more about the hardware they are working on, we don’t really believe the situation is going to change so fast and smooth as it should. It is likely 2016 will still witness games with an excessive amount of bugs or definitely not up to people’s expectations based on first presentations and trailers.

That’s what we call bad feeling. We have the bad feeling this is going to happen again, and with some of the titles, we have been waiting for most of the last few years. Have a look at some of them below.


We’ve been talking about Tom Clancy’s The Division a lot, maybe more than it actually deserves, but how could you resist it? It’s an online-based third person shooter based on loot and RPG elements, set in a fascinating New York which has different weather conditions. Potentially, it’s Destiny with more variety and more charming locations.

By the way, we feel something’s going wrong. First, Ubisoft has a track record with failure: Assassin’s Creed franchise is being annually released and wasted, Rainbow Six Siege has shaped up delivering half of the features it promised, Watch Dogs was a waste of time, and more are supposed to come. People playing the game on stage during public presentations and those who have participated to early alphas have filled the Internet with negative feedback, so… Do we have to trust it?


We love Remedy Entertainment and loved Alan Wake – it had a great atmosphere, fascinating locations, and characters, a thrilling story. But Quantum Break is really raising the bar of what people should expect from a “simple” game: it will feature a full-length TV show! Does it really have what it takes to be such a huge project as Sam Lake goes on telling it is?

Well, while on storytelling we have only a few doubts about Sam Lake’s work, we are more worried about one thing – gameplay. Gameplay has been discussed just a little during the years we have been waiting for Quantum Break and the focus on story/storytelling could reveal, just as it happened with Alan Wake, a signal: is there something below the shiny surface? We’ll see…


Here’s another project that, should reveal successful, is going to change the entire gaming landscape. No Man’s Sky is said to support millions of procedurally generated planets, each of them fully explorable on foot, and supporting the same, high level of graphical quality and detail care. Is this possible? Well, we don’t know, but surely this is what Sean Murray and Hello Games have promised so far.

Then, we have reality. Reality says the game has been delayed several times until it didn’t get a firm release date – June 2016 – during Sony’s keynote at the Paris Games Week. Moreover, according to reports the development team is encountering great issues in handling the game on PS4, which could possibly be the reason of all those delays. By the way, they’re definitely a possible sign of incoming downgrade…


Do we really need to detail this? Ok… well, it’s not a matter of us not trusting Fumito Ueda, the creator of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. It’s a matter of a game being for so long a vaporware and then coming up from the nowhere like it has happened a lot of times in the past (Duke Nukem Forever, anyone?). It’s hard to trust people once again after they betray you so many times.

The E3 2015 presentation has been pretty convincing and that’s just another reason why we fear a lot about this game. We feel like it’s gaining our trust all over again and, after all of that hype, it’s really going to hurt when – and it’s not a matter of “if”, it’s “when” – we’ll see the game is not up to our huge, gargantuan expectations. It should really be another Divine Comedy not to upset us.


We don’t really understand why Gearbox Software decided to embark on this project. We mean, ok, MOBAs are the talk of the town nowadays and it’s easy to see

1) there’s been a moment where there was a lot of room for Dota 2 and League of Legends competitors

2) there’s been a moment where there was a lot of money to be made out of these competitors.

Quite frankly, that moment has gone a long time ago. Even a Middle-earth based MOBA failed to be at least half as interesting as Dota 2 and League of Legends are to those gamers who love this very particular genre. Releasing in 2016 – exactly like Gigantic will – means you to waste another little chance you had to succeed (and launching in 2015 we don’t think would have changed anything). Gearbox should ultimately keep working on what they do best.