5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Long Dark

At it’s very core, The Long Dark is about exploration. Discovering a new region and spending time getting to know its unique points of interest is a feeling that you can’t duplicate. Whether it’s the first time you reach the summit of Timberwolf Mountain, or the first night you spend sleeping in the lighthouse in Desolation Point, discovery is everything.

No matter how much time you spend exploring, though, things will slip through the cracks. The Long Dark is a big game, and it’s nearly impossible to know everything. That’s why today, I’m going to share with you seven things that you probably didn’t know about The Long Dark.

Fluffy is a Female

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Long Dark

New players who have finished the Do Not Go Gentle episode of the story might have found a wolf in the Carter Hydro Dam. This wolf would have been laying dead in a corridor. Veteran players, however, will remember this wolf from the Survival mode portion of the game, and at the time it was very much alive.

That wolf’s name was Fluffy. Fluffy waited patiently for players to enter the dam and then proceeded to terrorize them. Many used to think Fluffy was a he, but even The Long Dark creator Raphael van Lierop has stated the Fluffy was female.

As for Fluffy’s fate, it looks like she’s gone for good, which is a shame. As terrifying as Fluffy was to face off against in the dam, it was a right of passage. Even after a fight won against Fluffy, I felt respect for my foe. If she’s really gone for good, I’ll miss her.

Active Bear Caves Have Bones

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Long Dark 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Long Dark

There are a lot of misconceptions about bears and hunting in The Long Dark, but there are some cool tricks to handle these mammoth beasts.

Did you know that bears have caves? For example, there are four places in Mystery Lake that bears can spawn. These include near Trapper’s Homestead, the Unnamed Pond, the Clear Cut, and near the Lone Lake Cabin. This means there are four danger zones you need to be aware of. Well, sort of. You see, active bears will have bones in their caves. If you come across a bear cave with bones, there’s the potential that a bear could spawn in there. If you come across a known bear cave without bones, however, you can rest easy.

Fishing Huts and Cars Count as Outdoors

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Long Dark

If you’re playing on the Voyager difficulty or above, cabin fever can be a real pain. Spend too much time indoors and the game will force you outside, regardless of the weather. And, if the weather is bad, this can be a life-threatening situation. Luckily, there’s a simple solution.

Did you know that the interiors of cars and fishing huts (even ones with doors) are considered outside? They aren’t the warmest place in the world, but they are a hell of a lot better than toughing it out in a blizzard with no shelter. If you’re at risk for cabin fever, start a fire and sleep in a fishing hut. Or, if you want to avoid the risk of cabin fever, sit in a car all day and do your sewing, reading, and maybe catch a solid nap.

You Can Move Wolves and Bears

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Long Dark

Okay, so you can’t move wolves and bears in the sense that you’re probably thinking. It’s not like you’re going to be pushing them around with your hands. However, you can move them closer or farther away from you with a new-ish game mechanic.

Stones are great for killing rabbits, but they’re also a wonderful tool to manipulate the paths of wolves and bears. Is a wolf too close to the road you need to pass by? Throw a stone away from where you need to go and watch it investigate. Want to kill a bear from the safety of your hunter’s blind? Toss stones close to you an draw the beast in. Just don’t get so close that you’re using stones as a means of self defense. That’s bad business right there.

There are Supply Bunkers

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Long Dark

Did you know that in both Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley, there are secret bunkers tucked away? Referred to as a prepper cache, one of these bunkers will spawn in each of the two regions, although the location and loot found inside is random. Also, these bunkers are not thought to be found while playing on the Interloper difficulty, which makes sense given they’re all about loot and Interloper doesn’t do loot.

Although these prepper caches don’t have stoves or fireplaces, they can often act as an emergency shelter from the weather. For example, one possible prepper cache spawn is just before you climb the rope to enter Timberwolf Mountain, a place you must absolutely spend a few weeks at least once. This prepper cache is a great place to spend a night, resting up and preparing to enter one of The Long Dark’s most challenging and rewarding regions.

The Long Dark has many more secrets to reveal to both new and veteran players, and if you want to find out what they are you’ll have to hop into the game and start exploring. If you’re not sure if you should buy it, read our review.