7 Best Items You Must Not Miss Early in Dark Souls 3

 7 Best Items You Must Not Miss Early in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is an Open World action role-playing video game and as we talk about Open World there are maximum chances that we might miss the most important items to collect. It happens to just slip past the radar for some reason or the other, but this Article will show you the 7 best items that you shouldn’t miss early in the game. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the missed items, locations and how they can help us early in the game.

7 Best Items

7 Best Items You Must Not Miss in Dark Souls 3

Titanite Scale

From the start of the game(Cemetery of Ash), there is an area on the right where you encounter Crystal Lizard. Now we know there are chances that you might run away after looking at this giant beast but trust me, you can take him down with ease or if you are finding it really hard then come back here later to take him down and grab the Titanite Scale. Now this item is used to reinforces most soul-transposed weapons as well as some other weapons to +4.

Titanite Shards

One of the most important items to find in Dark Souls 3 as this can be used to upgrade the weapons to +2. You can find 6 Titanite Shard early in the game and one of this is at the Cemetery of Ash where you need to head left from the first bonfire and jump down on the Corpse to grab it. You can later purchase it from Shrine Handmaid for 800 souls each once you acquire the Dreamchaser’s Ashes(Farron Keep).


If you are the player with high strength Build then you must acquire this Weapon from High Wall of Lothric. This weapon can be found in the area where you see the Dragon throwing flames, now either you can take all the flames or just throw the bows at the Dragon and wait for him to fly away. Making the dragonfly will get you large Titanite Shard as well so it’s a Bonus.

Deep Battle Axe

This Axe is used to inflict high damage, but must be used carefully as it leaves its wielder open to retaliation. You can find this weapon just inside the Room where the Dragon was throwing flames(High Wall of Lothric) you will find a Mimic downstairs. Avoid getting eaten by him, hurricane kick and all you need to do are take him down and grab the Deep Battle Axe.

Gold Pine Resin

This is consumable item and it temporarily applies lightning to the right-hand weapon. You can find this in the High Wall of Lothric as well, this is hidden in the room just below the dead dragon / above the room that leads to the fire-dragon attack. use this item to Boost your weapon and use them against the Boss Fights.

Chloranthy Ring

This Ring is one of my Favourite Ring in Dark Souls 3 as it will Raises stamina recovery speed by 7 at the initial stage and Raise the speed by 8 at +1 and by 9 for +2. You will find this ring at Undead Settlement, after helping Siegward of Catarina to defeat the Demon King you will head inside the house and get past the two Evangelists. Go on the Roof and head left until you reach the wooden platform from where you will jump on the Stone Tower. Enter the Tower then drop down to the bottom and you will find the ring on the ground floor beneath some wooden crates.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

You definitely going to need this Ring from the start as this ring will make Fallen foes yield 10% more souls and as you upgrade they will yield 20% and 30% more Souls. To grab this ring you can either purchase the Tower key and head up to the Top of the Shrine then straight past the nest and drop down onto a ledge. There is a door there that leads to an area with two crossing beams.

Go straight towards the opposite wall and strike down the illusory wall. Head forwards and drop down, the ring is in a chest to your right. If you don’t have enough souls then Climb the path next to Tower then try to Jump on the roof beside the branch. This Ring will surely solve all the problems early in the game.