7 Games/Franchises We Want To See Remastered For PS4 and Xbox One

In video games, “remaster” is a word often linked to something bad, something people don’t want because it is just old stuff sold like if it was new. While in many cases this is true, and ethically speaking it doesn’t seem too correct to sell a game already out on market for $70 simply because it has slightly revamped graphics and has been ported to a new platform, others gamers are glad to see legends coming back to life. This happens especially when talking about old glorious, titles that have made the history of this medium and lots of users have never experienced in their lives.

Xbox One vs PS4 Remastered

The phenomenon itself is symptomatic of the very small amount of courage and creativity in both publishers and developers, that’s undeniable, but would you say “no, thanks” to an Uncharted Trilogy or a Gears of War Collection? I don’t think so. That’s why I started to think about games and series that, apart from recent rumors and speculations, would deserve a remaster – and the following list is the result of this process. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.


Crash Bandicoot PS4 Box Art

Current-gen consoles lack a good 3D platform, so bringing back the first three episode of the Crash Bandicoot series would be a perfect fit for them. At this moment, anyway, it looks somehow impossible as the IP’s owner Activision do not have any ideas really clear about what to do with the brand… maybe sell it to Sony and Naughty Dog?


Final Fantasy VII Remastered

This would be another trilogy: the last three episodes of the Final Fantasy series that were truly appreciated by critics and the biggest part of the fans – apart from Final Fantasy X that has already been remastered for PS3 and PS Vita, and is about to ship for PS4. And I am not talking about simple ports – did you hear that, Square Enix? – but a complete revamp of the games’ graphics and mechanics would be amazing.


Odyssey and Lost Dragon

Talking about JRPGs, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon were among my two favorite Xbox 360’s games, especially the first one. It had something romantic, something touching… something we are not used to see anymore, after months and years of discussion about resolution and frame-rate. Xbox One, anyway, would benefit that as it actually misses a true Japanese line-up.


Red Dead Redemption PS4 Remastered

Rockstar Games knows how to remaster a game – Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 and Xbox One is a great example of the same. So yes, they should really be making a remaster of Red Dead Redemption, one of the masterpieces of the last generation, while studying a new adventure in the far west.


Mass Effect Trilogy

I loved the original Mass Effect, as it was a perfect mixture of story and gameplay. Mass Effect 2 was a bit too action-oriented, Mass Effect 3 was definitely too action-oriented, but they are part of the same universe, they bring on the saga of Commander Shepard and we should accept them as we did with the first chapter. And, include all three the games.


The Witcher and The Witcher 2

Do you remember The Witcher 1? The first chapter of the Geralt’s saga was pretty a disaster, talking about controls and optimization. Assassins of Kings was way better and brought on the story of Geralt, adding charisma to his character and new details on the entire universe. We know Wild Hunt will be a new masterpiece so why wouldn’t CD Projekt bring them all on PS4 and Xbox One, with the graphics and animation they deserve?


Silent Hills

A good horror game is what we need to end this top-7 on. With Resident Evil remasters already being explored by Capcom, Silent Hill is the only chance we have to be scarred to death in the glory of high definition. As Kojima and del Toro’s Silent Hills is still up in the air, a remaster of the first three terrifying episodes would be much appreciated.